Another One Out


Private Gong Jichul, aka Hottie Gong Yoo, is out of military service!!!

There’s a bunch of articles on Newsen right now, none of which I can really make out. Need some of these translated badly! All I know is that dude is looking FIIINE.

I think Gong Yoo is one of those rare K-Pop guys that can rock an army cut. He looks handsome with hair, but even sans hair, he still looks fabulous. I think he and Eric can really rock out the baldie. I’ve seen a lot of military enlistment pictures, and I would say that most of them look better with their crowning glory. Guys like Jae Hee and Lee Dongwook look okay, but yeah, I prefer seeing some hair on them. The worst case, I think, was ex H.O.T’s Kangta. I literally cringed when I saw his enlistment picture.

There’s a running joke between Shinhwa fans that it’s good that Shin Hyesung is exempt from the army, because otherwise he would have shave his head off. And god knows how much he treasures those hair, hahaha.

But I digress. Gong Yoo looks hot in uniform (and steamy out of it, but that’s beside the point). I’m so happy to see him back and look forward to his future projects.

In the very near future, the lovable and hilarious Kim Jongmin is also going to be released. I’ve heard that this is apparently a taboo topic between the 1 Night 2 Days guys because it might mean the disposal of one of the current members. But let’s see what will happen with this.

In the meantime, I’m going back to celebrating that Private Gong Jichul is out and about again.



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