SS501 To be on Intimate Note


SS501 and Kara will be on the show Intimate Note. Now, I don’t know Kara, but I am so damn excited to see SS501 in Intimate Note.

Intimate Note is a show that shows the relationship of two (sometimes more) celebrity friends. Sometimes the relationship is very comfortable, but sometimes the relationship is awkward. And throughout the show, they are given tasks together to become closer with each other.

I’ve seen several Intimate Note episodes, particularly on Fly to the Sky, Super Junior, Big Bang, 1N2D’s Seop Seop Brothers, and of course my dearly beloved Shinhwa-Half. And even though the show tends to get a little dull toward the end of episode, the general premise is really interesting and I find it fascinating to see tidbits of what is going on behind all the glamour of being a celebrity.

Fly to the Sky episode, for example, was a little disconcerting to watch. We have a hugely popular duo, who has stayed intact together for a long time, but it turns out that their relationship went sour long before. And Hwanhee even honestly said that they barely hung out together anymore, while Brian admitted that they recorded the last album without even meeting face to face.

On the other side of the extreme, Junjin, Andy, and Minwoo who came to represent Shinhwa basically went ballistic on each other, lols. Without restraint, they bullied each other and ran away with it. It was like watching brothers fight it out, hahaha.. I was meaning to write about Shinhwa’s Intimate Note, I even had a draft written, but I kinda got distracted after a while, woops!

So that said, I’m pretty psyched to see SS501 on Intimate Note. From the many shows I’ve seen them on, they are always entertaining. Jungmin and Hyungjoon would be bickering constantly, Kyujong and Hyunjoong would either be watching them or egging them on, while Youngsaeng would be the quiet guy in the corner. From the preview it looks like they would tap into the supposed awkward relationship between Youngsaeng and Hyunjoong among other things.

I’m also curious to see Kara. I’ve seen Nicole on shows and she’s pretty cute. Park Gyuri also has an interesting onscreen persona. I don’t think she’s like that in real life so probably she’s channeling a little bit of Seo Inyoung, with more Princess Syndrome and less yelling.

Wohoo, next week come sooner!


One response to “SS501 To be on Intimate Note

  1. Yes, the FTTS segment was really difficult to swallow. Esp for a FTTS fan like myself. I knew they had problems but I didn’t expect it to be so bad.. T.T But I guess it’s all about friendship being put thru tests and trials in life. You don’t know how precious it is until you lose it..

    I saw a little of Big Bang’s ep too. Dae Sung and Seung Ri just don’t click. Period. Just a few days ago DS mentioned that his wish is to get closer to SR… I guess the stint in Intimate Note didn’t work out for them huh?

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