Reminiscing on Coffee Prince

In anticipation for Gong Yoo’s return from the army (in less than 2 weeks!!!!), I started watching the 2007 drama Coffee Prince again yesterday, just for the heck of it. I was full, having gone to an All You Can Eat dinner, and couldn’t sleep. What’s a girl to do? Rewatch a favourite drama, duh!

When the Coffee Prince craze hit during Summer of 2007, I was back home, where there was limited internet access. Downloading the episodes was out of question. Streaming took forever (plus, there weren’t many streaming outlets then). So pretty much the only alternative was to wait for the fake DVDs to come out before finally getting back here and downloaded all the episodes, complete with subs.

Coffee Prince was/is such a wonderful drama. It was very well executed with great music, believable developments, all around fabulous acting, and chemistry flying all over the place. I think the attention, the high ratings, and the general fever thus created was mucho deserving. Of course it’s not perfect or anything, but it’s pretty close!

For Gong Yoo’s part, this is the drama that catapulted his profile. I have always liked him and he’s got fantastic flair for comedy, but his choice of roles doesn’t seem to go for the popular ones. I have enjoyed most of his movies and I also did enjoy his drama with Gong Hyojin, Biscuit Teacher, but damnit, I’m still trying to forget that he had any dealings whatsoever in the mess that was One Fine Day.

I really do think that Hankyul is a revelation tho. He’s natural and seemingly just at ease as he moves within the character. He’s cheeky to his granny, sweet to his mom, cool to his ‘habit’ Han Yoojoo, tough to his employees, and all of the above to Eunchan. Gosh, I really can’t wait for Gong Yoo to start doing projects again.

I won’t praise Gong Yoo without of course, praising the leading lady. Yoon Eunhye was successful in throwing herself into Eunchan. She shed off whatever celebrity vanity she had and just knocked Eunchan right out. Watching her mannerism as Eunchan; the way she walks, talks, eats; if her face had had just a tiny bit more masculinity, he really could fool people into believing that he is a guy.

I was watching the Coffee Prince Special and the extent of Yoon Eunhye’s attachment to Eunchan is huge. Off screen, she even cried because she didn’t want to ‘break up’ with Eunchan. With her hard work this is easily the best acting she’s displayed. I don’t know what she was thinking when she picked up My Fair Lady and where all this goodness she’s accumulated from Coffee Prince was. I think she’s got promising talent, but she really needs to practice it. Take roles more often and diversify. Stop doing all those CFs and modeling and get to the real acting work. Last time I check, Yoon Eunhye’s main title is still an actress, not a model. So then, the logical thing would be to do some acting.

It’s been such a fun weekend, reminiscing on Coffee Prince. I was so immersed in the drama that it wasn’t until I watched the behind the scene at the end that it hit me that Lee Eon’s gone. The burly but lovable Hwang Minyeob is so bright on screen that it’s hard to remember that Eon has died. They showed the real taping of Lee Eon’s audition for Minyeob and at one point he broke into a grin (the cap above) and I felt really sad to see that. I haven’t seen any of his other projects, but without a doubt, Hwang Minyeob will be a character I forever remember. May he rest in peace.

I’m sort of tempted to do like a marathon review for all my favourite dramas that I haven’t really blabbed on here. I’m not sure if I’m going to do that, but maybe as things slow down during the winter break, it can be realized.


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