Invincible Lee Pyung Gang, Ep 1-5

So, with this drama, the story goes as this: I was interested. Then lost that interest. Got bored and got interested again. Therefore, voila.

Nam Sangmi is Lee Pyunggang a rather lowly resort employee. Woo Ondal is played by Ji Hyunwoo as the male lead, fulfilling the obligatory chaebol character. In the previous life, however, the roles were reversed. Pyunggang was a princess whereas Ondal was the…nothing. I can’t even say that he was a beggar because that would imply he had an occupation, while it doesn’t seem that Ondal worked at all. Don’t worry tho, he worked his way up to become the general.

What makes it special? Nothing really. Except for the fact that it goes back and forth between the ‘olden’ days and the modern story. The more prevalent side is the modern day story as the olden day story is only shown at the beginning and/or at the end of the episode. The general setup is all familiar, down to the evil plotting stepmother, the first love, the bickering main couple, and the Daddy Long Legs. The direction is equally uneventful, visual is okay, story is pretty predictable.

So, why watch it? There’s just some comfort in knowing that the drama is common. It’s something we’ve seen. I doubt that the next 11 episodes will provide surprises (the good kind, not the kind that makes you want to wrangle your laptop screen) that would shock me beyond belief, yet I feel good when I’m watching Invincible Lee Pyung Gang. It still makes me laugh. I still clench my teeth when the annoying characters come out. I find the familiar and silly little things to be more entertaining than irritating.

The music is also a lot of fun. The scores have that playful tone that I sort of associate to music in children’s classic. The more contemporary, singing songs are catchy and full of energy. I like how just listening to the music makes me smile.

As well, I like the actors. None of them is a high profile actor, yet I’ve seen most of them before so they’re not completely strangers. There’s something fresh about the actors. Sure, the characters are pretty saturated if you’ve seen enough K-Dramas, but I have faith that the actors would give different colours to their roles.

So far, Nam Sangmi is as pretty as ever and I’m liking her spunky Pyunggang a lot. Ji Hyunwoo is just hilarious as the rude Ondal with almost zero manner. Seo Doyoung hasn’t had much impression on me other than how dashing he looks. And unfortunately, I still can’t bring myself to like Cha Yeryun.

But that’s okay because we have Park Kiwoong and Yeon Mijoo in supporting roles!! I’m particularly keeping my eyes on these two. Yeon Mijoo’s a pretty much unknown actress at this point, but her last role in Just Looking/That Fool was one of the best things about that drama. Funny can’t even begin to describe it.

And honourable mention must be given to Kim Hwanhee (in the above pic) who acts as Lee Pyeongeon and whose cuteness is just endless! Two years ago, she was Lee Dahae’s daughter in the drama Robbers. And even though I didn’t manage to finish it, I still vividly remember a scene where she was wailing and rolling on the ground, being a generally bratty kid. Gawd, that was SO adorable.

Continue watch it? I think so. I watched these first 5 episodes in less than a day. And unless it goes totally bonkers, I would still love to see how things pan out. I can tell how things would end, but hopefully that wouldn’t take away my enjoyment in watching it. So far, it hasn’t.


One response to “Invincible Lee Pyung Gang, Ep 1-5

  1. i have to agree. I found this story relaxing, refreshing and just watching it for the sake of fun and fulfill the time. Its my first time in almost 5 years of not finding a good kdramas that I will enjoyed despite acknowledge it was just a fun drama and not a good drama. This is one. (Beside Bad Family of course)

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