He’s OUT!!!


OHMYGAWD! Just read this from Dahee Fanel’s blog!

After a string of stars getting INTO the military, I am so doubly happy for those that are getting out.

My awesome Park Chulsoo aka Chun Jungmyung is out! I literally screamed when I read the news. I did read that he was getting out SOON, but I didn’t realize it was THIS soon. Gosh, I am so over the moon.

I admit that other than What’s Up Fox and the first few episodes of Goodbye Solo, I have not really followed Chun Jungmyung’s projects. It was just that one fantastic drama and one fantastic character that got me head over heels.

So, I watched What’s Up Fox around last year, about 4 days before my final exams started. I didn’t expect anything from it and was just flipping around a drama streaming website out of boredom. Imagine my panic when I found out that I JUST could not stop watching. And I believe that it was between failing and passing the course. I had done so badly in the midterm that I needed to boost up the final to pass. It was the biggest dilemma between finishing the drama and actually studying for the exam.

In the end, the drama won. I am weak like that.

What’s Up Fox is about this unlikely pairing of two people with a 9 years age difference. She has known him since he was born and he had always known her as his much older sister’s best friend. Yep, it’s a case of Noona love.

Chun Jungmyung and Go Hyunjung had SO much chemistry that the premise worked. Of course, Go Hyunjung rocked it, it’s just a given with her, seemingly. I really enjoyed the drama and one of the reasons is Chun Jungmyung’s portrayal of Chulsoo. Chulsoo was such a fun loving, cute guy. He’s sometimes childish, but other times he shows profound maturity. Sometimes, I would just randomly remember the way Chulsoo grins and that would just lift up my day.

Bottom line is, I’m so happy to see Chun Jungmyung out of the army. I sure hope that we’ll see him on screen soon. Maybe he can guest in Strong Heart!! OMG, just the thought of it makes me antsy in anticipation!

Another one who’s coming out of military service is Gong Yoo, who’s like my first ever Korean crush, so I’m definitely looking forward to that. WOOOOTTT..


3 responses to “He’s OUT!!!

  1. What’s Up Fox was also the only Chun Jung Myung drama that I’d watched.. and like you, I went GAGA over him. He may not be VERY POPULAR like the rest, but he definitely has that undeniable charm.

    Welcome back uri Chul Soo sssi!!

  2. So how did you do on the finals?

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