Guess the Abs

Does that picture above match the picture below??






So, one of my biggest misteries in life has finally been answered.

I’ve watched a whole bunch of 1 Night 2 Days and we’ve been given glimpses that underneath his clothes lies a built body. I even asked, to my embarrassment, on his thread if there’s any ANY picture at all of Seunggi being topless to pretty much no avail. I’ve seen view from the back, but really, it’s the front part I want to see badly.

Therefore, on this day, I’m having a hard time picking my jaw from the floor after seeing this interview.

What a beautiful body. I wish I can smear some honey on it.

I need to neutralize myself for a bit.

Back to cutie Lee Seunggi..


3 responses to “Guess the Abs

  1. omo! for real?! that’s seunggi?! omg! now, that’s hawtness uberload, woot!

    OT: i wish jan geun suk would bulk up also, as much as he’s soo hawt in YAB, it bothers me that he’s soo skinny

  2. HAHAHHAHAHA, I would never have guess they were cutie Seung Gi’s!!! lolz..

    He will forever be a cutie for me… forever!

  3. He is so beautiful!!
    Although I think he is in GREAT shape, the picture was probably photoshopped.

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