You’re Beautiful on the Second Half


Whoah, now that we have passed the 10th episode mark, You’re Beautiful only gets better. I didn’t expect to watch it, let alone totally and absolutely loving the drama. So, You’re Beautiful has become this little sensation in the K-Drama land. Viewers rating is mediocre at best, but it is THE talked about drama with tons of passionate fans, locally and internationally. Its competition, Iris is the one getting high viewership, but You’re Beautiful scores some really die hard passionate fans.

With funny and fresh writing, great acting, and addictive music, You’re Beautiful is my current IT drama (I still follow Iris and Smile, You but nowhere as dedicated as following You’re Beautiful). Without fail, every Wednesdays and Thursdays, the moment I wake up in the morning, I think about the time I can finally watch the drama in the evening (boo school and work taking up my mornings). Will Taekyung get himself in yet another trouble because of Minam? Will Heyi be bald the next time I see her (lol, if you watched every episode, you’d know what I mean)?

For me, I feel like this is Hong Sister’s best drama so far, in terms of writing that is. Delightful Girl Choonhyang was so tiring in its angst and the ridiculous conflicts coming from all fronts. It was a lot of fun for the first several episodes or so, but the majority of the 2nd phase was depressing. I ended up fast forwarding so many episodes. My Girl, still a favourite, had better mix of comedy and angst, but not only some aspects were pretty much directly copied from DGCH, there were some far too stretched out stuff.

On the other side of the extreme, Fantasy Couple was so far from angsty. It did have some of that melodrama moments, but it was mostly funny and quirky. I would categorize it more on Comedy rather than Romance or Romcom. But I really had a lot of fun watching it because I thought it was so different than the preceding dramas which were banking on romance and melodrama 80% of the time. Hong Gildong, I couldn’t even stand past episode 12, so I’d better not comment.

So now, You’re Beautiful has the perfect mix of melodrama, romance, and comedy. It’s like somewhere between My Girl and Fantasy Couple. This is what I feel so far anyway. I don’t know if the next 6 episodes will be disappointing. The leads have awesome chemistry, but what I really like is that they have a great sense of camaraderie. Part of it is because there’s that Hyung/Dongsaeng/Bandmate relationship going on, but also the main couple is given scenes and moments where the underlying vibe is not romantic at all. I felt that while watching Delightful Girl Choonhyang and My Girl, the main couple is shoved in our face. It’s like every single scene reminds us that THIS is the couple and they belong together forever. Whereas in You’re Beautiful, we know that Taekyung/Minam is the prescribed couple, but not every scene is of romantic vibe.


So, You Are Beautiful is now on the double digit episode. Episode 11 came out today. I am actually watching it as I’m typing. After a couple of angst driven episode, this is a fresh and light offering. At the end of episode 10, Minam (Minyeo) intended to reveal that she was a girl. But Shinwoo jumped in to save her. This marks the first episode that I actually like Shinwoo. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate Shinwoo, I just found that his sudden feelings for Minam were not convincing and that he was pretty bland as a character and due to amateur acting. But in this episode, I finally felt Shinwoo as a value adding entity in Minam’s life. He’s ready to help her, but Minam doesn’t depend on Shinwoo.

I also am liking Jeremy A LOT. Jeremy may not be a deep and profound character, but he is such a source of energy that I feel is necessary in the group. Taekyung is all prickly while Shinwoo is too much of a softie, but Jeremy is cute and plushy. He’s like the Energizer Bunny actually. Or you know what, I think Bugs Bunny is a more apt analogy. He can chatter non stop and is all over the place. But unlike Bugs Bunny, Jeremy’s not the brightest crayon in the box.

But enough about the main guys. The supporting act also needs a mention. Manager Hong, Stylist Wang, and President Ahn are part of the management. Ahn Sajang, particularly, is a total HOOT! He keeps spouting random english phrases and it is hilarious. In episode 11, he was drinking with the other two when suddenly he got up and was all like ‘Excuse me, nature calls me.’ in English. At the blank look of his subordinates, he clarified ‘I said I’m going to the bathroom.’ LOLS..

Manager Hong is the one behind Minam’s pig nose and he’s had so many hilarious moments in the series. I love his Harry Potter glasses by the way, haha. And last, who can forget Stylist Wang and her luminous balls. I remember sipping a carton of barley tea or something when I watched that scene, and it literally burst into my laptop screen. I’m not kidding, the man balls scene was definitely one of those unforgettable moments in You’re Beautiful.

I’m a little disappointed in Choi Ran’s role here as Aunt Go. Moneygrubbing, vain, and I felt that her importance is diminishing by the minute. And I kinda wish that we have some scenes with Aunt Go and Minam together as a way to develop some bond and connection. But it seems like now, Minam and Aunt Go continue to be strangers who just happen to live in the same house.

So, 5 more episodes of You’re Beautiful and 2 more weeks. I’m impatient to see how things conclude, but arrrgggh, I’m going to be pretty sad having to say goodbye to this drama.


4 responses to “You’re Beautiful on the Second Half

  1. omo! i hear ya! i soo agree with everything u said *nods head repeatedly*…im soo in love with this series!!! everything about it is pure win!…i cant believe tho with the mediocre ratings?! what’s up with that?! well, i guess the obvious answer would be – coz of the overrated IRIS…whatever! YAB rocks! aja! aja! fighting! 🙂

    • Aww, don’t say Iris is overrated. It’s action packed and it gets your adrenaline pumping. And the acting is pretty awesome. There are some flaws, but overall, I think the attention Iris is getting is quite deserving.

      • didnt really mean to bash on IRIS, im just frustrated on YAB’s mediocre ratings…but heck, ratings arent everything right? just by brownsing thru the internet, u will easily get the impression that YAB has some solid fan base to boot, so yay! for that :)…now pls let let it extend up to episode 20, i swear im gonna have withdrawal syndrome after, just like when i finished my girl, ack! ack!

  2. I agree with you that You’re Beautiful ONLY GETS BETTER and BETTER. The Hong Sisters did it once again for sure, but created something even more fantastic and fun their previous works.

    Altho My Girl still has that special spot in my heart, I totally agree with you that YB’s writing is better. The mix of fun and angst is just right, and it’s not as draggy as their past dramas.

    One thing that the Hong Sisters are totally great at, and has never failed – creating breakthru characters. In every single ONE of their dramas, there exists a CHARACTER/actor/actress who shines more than anybody else…

    And no doubt in YB, it’s Hwang Tae Kyung all the way~~~

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