Kim Hyunjoong in Kimi Wa Petto

What an interesting career choice. And here I thought we wouldn’t see him acting again for a long long time. Not so lucky, apparently.

According to Javabeans, Hyunjoong has been cast in the Korean remake of the Japanese drama Kimi Wa Petto. I have criticized Hyunjoong’s active extensively here and while I made some excuses for him while I was watching Boys Over Flowers simply because I am a fan, this is going to be hard. I don’t watch a lot of Japanese dramas, but Kimi Wa Petto is one of my favourites. I actually like it better than the Hana Yori Dango series and will be sorely pissed if this drama is butchered in the Korean version.

Kimi Wa Petto inherently is not a quality drama anyway, I admit to that, but the chemistry between Koyuki and Matsujun was so explosive and that was the one that carried the drama till the end. I shall wait to see if Hyunjoong can make this connection to his leading lady. Rumour is swirling around the name of Su Ae, who I find interesting. I like her, but can’t make the connection yet. Actually I have someone in mind to possibly be the Korean Sumire: Kim Hyunjoo, coincidentally also in Boys Over Flowers as Junpyo’s older sister Junhee. Now, SHE, I can see being Sumire.

But let’s get to the point. Hyunjoong acting? What the heck? I was super super happy that SS501 finally made their comeback with a great album and a bunch of variety show guesting. It is time for them to prove that they are a strong group who can compete with the other overly synthethized singers. And it seems that this time, they are actually making some noise on the comeback. Naturally, I thought the focus would be on SS501 as a group, and less than on the individual member. This is a very disappointing news because once again, I see the spotlight going to one person only.

Also, let’s be honest here. There is no way in hell that Hyunjoong can measure up to Matsujun’s Momo/Takeshi Goda of Kimi Wa Petto. The cheeky man child, who is cute, yet has a strong sex appeal and charisma. Lee Minho might be able to potray Domyouji better than Matsujun, but Hyunjoong to portray Momo? Nowhere near. I don’t need to reiterate any more how hideous Hyunjoong’s acting skill is because I got quite some flak for doing that last time.

The thing is, as a fan, I want him to have lots of projects, but projects that are actually highlighting his talent, not his shortcomings. But alas, who knows? Maybe Hyunjoong has been attending intensive acting classes? Maybe he will surprise us with great acting? Let’s wait for that day.

On a last note, Hyunjoong’s been looking so delicious lately. I’m loving the current hairdo and the darker colour. Just saw him in Champagne and Chocolate, and yum yum yum..


3 responses to “Kim Hyunjoong in Kimi Wa Petto

  1. HE is NOT DOING this!! DSP confirmed it and said the rumor is INCORRECT or NOT TRUE!! He is not going to be in a drama. Where is this confirmed???

  2. I would like to ask for the way to obtain the exact news article or statement made by DSP entertainment to whether or not Kim Hyun Joong is acting in Kimi Wa Petto?

    To top that, I honestly feel that the casting team of any production has their own belief when it comes down to casting actors. Think about it, who would want to invest the money just to make a film that people think that it will lose money? In addition, even that is the case, as audiences, we cannot simply comment on the acting skills of different actors on the screen. It is true that every audience has the right to demand for a good show, but that is the extent to which the audiences are involved. The basic respect for the actors must be attained. Furthermore, Kim Hyun Joong has just started in the acting industry, he should embrace the chances of acting different roles and to diversify his experiences. If we choose to remember Kim Hyun Joong as the actor who acted as a slightly autistic person, and to limit his character to that only, he will not have achieve any greater heights. Thus, being a character on screen need not reflect the character in real-life, so as audiences we need to accept the fact and distinguish clearly as to whether we like the actor or the character that actor has acted in the film.


      I hear you and believe me, I voiced something similar back when Hyunjoong was rained with harsh criticisms for his Yoon Jihoo. But my opinion now is: I think it’s fair game to criticize whoever is on screen and title him/herself with the word actor and IS acting for a project. It’s a given to expect quality acting disregarding who the person is. If he can head a drama, that means he’s brave enough to face the comments that will arise from it.

      It may not look like it, but I’m a fan of Hyunjoong. I would LOVE for him to pave his way to become a legit actor. But it doesn’t mean leading a drama right away when it’s apparent that he’s not skilled yet. It means, like TOP, Lee Hongki, UEE, AJ, and so many other idols who take supporting roles where the attention isn’t solely on them and that will leave him with some room to actually improve without being too scrutinized. BTW, all the above are doing very well in their respective dramas.

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