DBSK vs. SM Entertainment

Well, this matter has gone on for a while now and heated discussions have spurred. I’ve seen other artists talking about this too. But, as I’m not a fan of DBSK, I’m not exactly familiar with the details being disputed. All I know is that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are suing the company for some share in the work they’ve done and unfair contract while Yunho and Changmin… I don’t know what they’re doing. I know Yunho’s doing that drama Heading to the Ground that is literally heading to the ground.

I got a chance to skim over the contract, and in my most humble opinion, the contract should not even be modified. It should be ripped to pieces and burned for good. Not only the contract is grossly unfair, it’s also unconscionable. When they signed it, the DBSK members were barely legal and they were desperately hopeful trainees hoping to hit it big in the industry. It’s obvious that SM (and other similar management companies) was trying to take advantage of these kids. In their oh so gracious stance, the management called the 3 DBSK members ungrateful for launching a lawsuit against the company who basically ‘put food in their mouth and roof over their heads’.

Then I read this: Changmin and Yunho support SM Entertainment

Call me names, but the first thing that came to mind was: Traitors. I guess the remaining two members don’t know the meaning of ‘All for one and one for all’. I understand that most likely, these two remaining members are under immense pressure (heck, they probably were forced to sign the announcement letter) but still, it was bad enough that they didn’t support the 3 members’ lawsuit, but now it’s apparent that they are on the opposing side. Against their friends, some would say brothers, who have been together for more than 5 years. It’s sad, really.

SM Entertainment. I have not heard one good thing about the company other than the fact that it’s got huge control over the market. Power. But it doesn’t say anything about their work ethic. I’ve heard stories about their iron fist management and that managers of the artists were actually allowed to physically ‘punish’ the members. I’ve heard that they barely even feed the artists when they were still newbies. I’ve also heard of the unfair profit sharing not just from this DBSK debate, but also somewhere else. Tony Ahn of old school H.O.T shared some of his stories in YSMM a few years ago.

Shinhwa and Fly to the Sky were the only ones who manage to get out of the company unscathed. Of course, with FTTS broken up recently, Shinhwa is the only band surviving. So much is the power of SM Entertainment. Rumour is that Shinhwa had to shell out a million dollar to get out of the contract with SM. Most of those money was said to be borne by Eric. Eric was/is the most popular Shinhwa member but he was also the one who felt responsibility as the leader to keep the group together. This is why I’m pretty disappointed with Yunho. I mean come on? As a leader Yunho would rather oblige meekly to Lee Sooman rather than protecting the name DBSK and his bandmates? Talk about minimal loyalty. Ugh.

I am wishing the best for DBSK as a whole, but mostly to Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. I think they’ve done a great thing to open the door demanding for transparency in management companies. I hope things will get resolved soon for the best solution available.


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