SS501’s Rebirth


So I’m kinda late blogging about this album since it was released around last week. But because I’ve been listening to it over and over again, wanted to just write some thoughts out. Rebirth is SS501’s new mini album. They were supposed to, I believe, release a full album but the actual full album was delayed (yet again) because the group’s schedule this year is packed with concerts. I’m betting tho that one of the reasons DSP refused to release a full album at this time is because the sudden sprout of newly debuting idol groups. Only in the span of two months alone, groups like Beast, MBLAQ, Secret, JTL, f(x) and a whole slay of others have been releasing their first song. So, the pie slice is getting even smaller.

But this album is worth the wait. Simply said, this is easily the best SS501’s album. Now, this is my opinion only, so don’t take it on face value. I’ve criticized SS501 before because their songs used to be very…manufactured, the kind of songs of American boybands in the 90s. Which is NOT a good thing, I am telling you as someone who had crushes on 90s boybands in back in her 6th grade. That era is so over and done with.

In recent times, however, I’m seeing an evolution that SS501 is becoming cooler. When I listened to DejaVu and A Song for You last year, I was like WTF?? So I was pleasantly surprised when earlier this year they released the SS501 Solo Collection. Despite the awful MVs, the songs were actually pretty good. My particular favourite is Kyujong’s Wuss Up. I was anticipating Rebirth because I wanted to see if this newfound coolness extends to this album too or if it was just a one time thing.

And I found that I liked Rebirth. I LOVED Rebirth, in fact. There are 5 songs in it: Wasteland, Love Like This, Only One Day, Obsess, and One Two Kong. Time for disclaimer: I’m no music genius or expert. I like a song because I like the sound of it. I don’t know nothing about the texture, or the instrument mix, or whatever. If I like to listen to it, then I say it’s good.

Love Like This is the main song being promoted and it is uber catchy and yet it doesn’t lose that special SS501 touch. I don’t know how to explain it but I feel like while this song is on the way to coolness, it still preserves a certain SS501 vibe. I’ve seen a couple of live performances of this song and I enjoyed it despite the faux tattoo shirt hurting my eyes.

Wasteland, the first song on the track, is AWESOME, dude. I’m listening to it as I’m typing right now and I keep bobbing my head to the song. I wanted to say that they should have promoted this instead of Love Like This because this song is so sexy. But I guess Love Like This has a more unique sound. If they had promoted Wasteland instead, it would soon die among the Kpop crowd because while the song is great, it doesn’t have that it factor.

Haru Man (Only One Day) perfectly highlights SS501’s biggest asset. Their pretty faces, you say? Oh, okay, their SECOND biggest asset then. Their amazing vocal. To be fair, Kyujong and Hyunjoong are just slightly above mediocre. But Hyungjoon, Youngsaeng, and Jungmin certainly deserve to hold the title ‘Amazing’ especially within the mainstream KPop idol group scene. Only One Day really tells the world that ‘Hey, our boys are not just dashing, they also know how to do that thing called singing.’ The vocal and the harmony are really what carry this song.

Obsess is just okay for me. It’s not bad or anything, but after the preceding 3 songs, this falls into the category of forgettable middle paragraph. You know how in writing essays that the beginning and the ending have to be grabbing and special to make your essay worth remembering. Obsess is like the middle part of the essay, you read (in this case listen to) it and move on.

Wan Du Kong (Green Peas) is like the more lighthearted version of Only One Day. Perfect vocal, perfect harmony. This song basically only has guitar and percussion as a background instrument. The rest is SS501’s own vocal. I think this song is dedicated to the fans and I like the little dialogue thrown in there.

Overall, Rebirth is so refreshing. There’s minimal voice synthesizing and other tampering. Most of it is just good music and good vocal. I was listening to some other songs and I was just struck at how much external stuff that is put in a song. I’m listening to one of Shinhwa Andy’s new songs and if you take out all these extra stuff, the vocal probably comprises of only 30% of the song. For me, the music amateur, it’s not exactly a bad thing. If we take vocal as a base, it’s like eating Netle’s Kitkat vs. Lindt’s Gourmet Truffles. It’s clear which one is the premium chocolate, but it doesn’t take away the fact that I enjoy eating both.

Am I making any sense here?


2 responses to “SS501’s Rebirth

  1. Yeah… I felt “Love like this” instantly when hearing it for first time… Now it is my phone ringtone… “Waste land” and last song Y.O.U (??? not sure) are good as well. Overall the mini album is better than expected… As the increase of the heavy hip-hop and R&B songs in Korean music, it is nice to have this album….
    This and FT Island’s mini (Jump up) are one of my favourite mini albums of the year, as their overall songs in the album are good. Some singers released mini album, but only the title songs are acceptably good, the rest just fill to space to make the mini album like Gee mini album… 🙂

    • Ooh, I haven’t listened to FTI’s mini album. I was kinda disappointed by their 2nd and 3rd album, it never measured up to their awesome debut album.

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