See You Soon, Junjin


*fangirl cheesiness start*

Argh, other than Lee Dongwook, THIS is the saddest military enlistment for me. I’m a big fan of Shinhwa, but despite loving all the members, Junjin holds a special something so to see him going off the spotlight for two years is tough and I admit that I resent this national obligation a little bit, especially after so many great men go this year.

My fangirlism for Junjin has been going up and down since last year. After he did his eyes, his appearance changed quite drastically and call me cheesy, but I felt that his cute troublemaker semi magnae charm just went away with his eye fats. I kept saying it didn’t matter but frankly speaking, it had an impact.

I still followed him and his album releases were top priority. And then his image in variety shows like Infinity Challenge, his High School Girls show, and WGM just became more prevalent than his works as a singer and that was a source of disappointment to me because while it proved that Junjin is a multi entertainer with a great personality to be going back and forth in reality shows, it also highlights that singing, his original title occupation, has taken a backseat compared to variety programs.

But now, after seeing him going off to Army, I am regretting the useless time spent to pile up negative sentiments on someone. Especially after seeing the picture above. Junjin’s signature impish toothy grin. It feels like this cute troublemaker semi magnae is back.

I am sad that it means Junjin will be inactive for two years, but on the other hand, I feel relieved that he’s now free to live a more personal life, away from the spotlight, FINALLY. After pretty much 12 years of entertainment slave labour. I hope this is a chance for his to reflect on what he’s accomplished so far and what he wants in the future. I hope that this two years will be a healthier and happier life for him.

Jin, eat well, sleep well, work well. Don’t go on too much drinking binge, don’t get yourself injured, don’t get too competitive in your job. Take care and see you in two years.

*fangirl cheesiness end*


Reasons to love Junjin and relive these old times:

Last, but not least:



One response to “See You Soon, Junjin

  1. i’m also effected when he did his eyes…but junjin oppa is still junjin oppa~ i will support him no matter what…junjin oppa fighting…(^_^)

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