You’re Beautiful Ep. 1-2


Damn you, Hong Sisters.Why must you be so frickin good?

I wasn’t intending to watch this drama at all. The cast was not interesting, the idea was barely passable (reminded me a lot of either Hana Kimi for some reason), the preview was not promising, the posters looked incredibly gross, and the whole A.N.JELL thing was super lame.

But out of respect and curiosity for the Hong Sisters, I gave the first episode a try. Sure, I fell asleep on the first try but that was more because of me than of the drama. I saw Javabeans recapping its first episode with much enthusiasm so I tried the second time. And the second time, not only I cursed Hong Sisters for being so good, I also cursed Javabeans for being so so SO spot on in her drama recommendations.

So, You’re Beautiful is about this popular idol group called A.N.JELL whose vocalist Taekyung (Jang Geunseok) is having problems with his vocal cords. So, the company president (Jung Chan) needs to look for a new member to help with the vocal. And Go Minam is the candidate for it. Only, he’s out in the States having corrective surgery. Fortunately, Minam has a twin sister Go Minyeo (Park Shinhye) a nun apprentice who is taken to the task of impersonating her twin brother. But too bad for her, Taekyung hates the idea of a new member and while the two other members Jeremy (Lee Hongki) and Sinwoo (Jung Yonghwa) accept her, she is still getting her ass kicked by Taekyung.


The first two episodes were fun, hilarious, and they have the signature Hong Sisters jokes (obvious, over the top, yet creative and still so funny). I laughed pretty much every five minutes. The drama knows how to make fun of itself and the general concept of idol group in Korea. The obsessive fans of the group, the girly (sometimes vain) people in an idol group, the overenthusiastic management, reporter who tries to get every tiny bit of gossips, even down to the obligatory shower scenes complete with classical opera tenor in the background. Seriously, it’s so funny.

Acting could be better. Jang Geunseok is pretty good as the emo neatfreak Taekyung who has a permanent frown on his face and basically has ‘I hate the world’ tattooed on his forehead. Park Shinhye is also very nice as the cute girl with soft voice and shy mannerism. There was a scene with her and a bunch of naked males in the changing room and she was so embarrassed that she only was able to go out of her hiding place by imagining them as merely naked babies, hahaha.

Hongki is so silly. I was watching the behind the scenes and photoshoot and I think he pretty much plays himself here. Only the notch of silliness in Jeremy is higher. Jung Yonghwa, apparently the brother of Jung Kyungho(?), needs lots of work. He is still sigh worthy in this early stage, but I think I’m gonna get annoyed by his character if they don’t introduce a flaw very soon. His acting is pretty awkward too so I hope that the Hong Sisters know his limit and won’t bog him down with too much storylines like the writers did to Kim Hyunjoong in Boys Over Flowers.

The music is surprisingly quite catchy and easy listening. I hope they don’t hammer those songs down throughout the drama and opt for more variety.

Overall, very enjoyable first week!


2 responses to “You’re Beautiful Ep. 1-2

  1. I was told about this drama from a friend and I was up til 4:30 in the morning and I had to stop and get a nap before I went to work in 2-1/2 hours. I was really wasted at work but I did my best and I felt it was worth it. I love Taekyung’s voice when he talks and Go Minya has a beautiful voice when she sings. I sent my friend a dozen roses to thank her for the suggestion. Though I do love Sinwoo for his beauty.

  2. hey great pics and iam mad on youre butiefull i just great crazy if i have to wait so long for to see them hahahah wish somebody seez this and i have to knw if hes or her a fan of them 222222 i like them all most of all jena in real life she does look like a girl

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