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So, Lady Castle/My Fair Lady is its final week. In fact, in mere hours, its last episode will air. Man, perhaps THE most anticipated drama for me this year ended up being THE disappointment of the year. I am glad it’s ending because I am impatient for the actors, especially Jung Ilwoo and Moon Chaewon to go do other, better, projects. While I stopped watching that crap a long time ago, I still follow Javabeans’s recap every week. And sometimes if a scene sounds interesting (which is fortunately really not often) I would go back and watch it. But other than that, I’ve moved on.

I was just struck by how significant a writing in a drama is. If you compare Brilliant Legacy and My Fair Lady (I know, I’m sorry BL to put you in the same sentence as MFL), objectively, Brilliant Legacy probably has more cliches going, a disadvantage to the drama. Kindhearted girl with mean evil stepmother and equally plotting stepsister, etc. But the writer so skillfully weaves through and around those cliches and work out the subtleties instead. The characters are explored more and the actors are worked to bring out the characters’ respective charms. MFL had a great opportunity to take Kang Hyena’s struggle in the company into another level and make it as her maturing experience. But oh no, they’d just rather go round around the same circle surrounding Dongchan/Hyena Love of The Century concept. Oh well.. Let’s hope that the main cast learns from this piece of crap and be more careful in choosing other roles.

Anyways, so updates have been rare in between. I wish I could write more, but I find that I have to cut back on drama watching by a lot. I am very slowly in the midst of catching up with Tamna The Island (episode 3) and I keep up (for now) with a new drama as well, called Smile, You. Smile, You stars Jung Kyungho, Lee Minjung, Lee Chunhee, Lee Kyuhan, Choi Jungyoon, etc. It’s a mix between family drama and trendy romcom. I am enjoying it immensely at the moment. It’s not free of the familiar cliches or setups, but it’s quite invigorating. The younger, more low profile stars are a breath of fresh air. It reminds me of the drama Happiness but with considerably less potential angst and evil deeds. So far, while it has its meh moments, it’s a fun and lighthearted drama.

The new variety show with Kang Hodong and Lee Seunggi called Kang Shimjang (Strong Heart) premiered recently to a surprisingly high rating! Rating was around the 17-18 range, which is really good for a variety talk show kind of program. It was also surprisingly really entertaining. I have found that basically the only variety shows I can watch without wanting to pause a lot are 1 Night 2 Days and We Got Married. Stuff like Star Golden Bell, Infinite Challenge, Star King, Happy Together, and a lot others are okay, but I never have the desire to follow them week to week religiously. Plus, there’s also the language barrier that is quite pervasive when it comes to talk shows. So when I watched Strong Heart, I didn’t have any expectation.

I was surprised because not only I could digest it moderately easy, it is also a very interesting program. The concept is simple. Celebrities talk about themselves, their past experiences, and share interesting stories. If a story is interesting (be it a sad story or a hilarious one), you get a Strong Heart sash. The next person will challenge the story. If the story is deemed to be better or equally good as the previous, the sash will be passed on. I have yet to figure out who actually decides whether a story is sash worthy or not, but that is the general mechanism of the show.

The viewers responses have been good, from what I’ve read. The consensus is that many people feel that there are too many guests (24 per episode) and because of that some guests don’t even get a chance to speak. Another complain is that the screentime is not divided equally at all. The first episode has 2 Big Bang members and they are basically the focus of the show. Well, the camera DID capture them unnecessarily too many times. They asked Seungri to show his dance once and G-Dragon to perform his song like twice. Come on! They didn’t ask Kim Taewoo or Mc Mong or Epik High who just released their works very recently to perform! Having said that, I have to concede that the stories being shared by or about them are pretty hilarious.

But anyways, yeah, those are the two things I’ve been watching the last week. I am trying the first episode of You are Beautiful (Jang Geunseok,ew) as I’m typing right now. I missed the last Hong Sisters drama Hong Gil Dong, and to be honest I am not exactly THAT excited about this drama either, but I figured I’d just try the first episode to see if it’s worth it to continue to the 2nd one.

So, adios for now. Gnight!


3 responses to “Current Events..

  1. I long for Eng Subs for Kang Shim Jang!! >.<
    But I'm so forever thankful to 1n2d subbing team for subbing LSG's parts…at least I get to know what SG was talking about.

    I'm cutting down on drama watching too. I watched the 1st episode of Smile, You and I thought it's just okay. But Lee Kyu Han and Jung Kyung Ho are <3333. Started on Friend, Our Legend as well, and thoroughly regret that I did not start watching it earlier. So criminally underrated…

    • I could understand some of the stories. I’ll try to give a bit of summary of what I could remember about them.

      Brian’s story: He wrote ‘My friend Seol Kyungkyu’. He said that despite SKK’s strong image, he actually has a cute personality. His story was about the time he went out to drink with his close hyung SKK and wife Song Yoonah. One person started asking SKK and SYA their autographs and people started coming for them. At first, Bryan thought the person would ask him too but then they just left. SKK asked one person if he knew Bryan, but then that person said ‘Of course. But I hate him’. Bryan was humiliated and SKK was fuming. Drunk out of his mind, SKK got up and came to that person’s table saying ‘Hey, excuse me. Gimme back my autograph!’

      Tablo’s story was about Tukutz faux pas in a radio program, Seo Minjung’s if I’m not mistaken. I think Tukutz was specifically instructed to not talk about this, this, and this. Once the program is on air, Tukutz said exactly what he wasn’t supposed to say. That’s not the end. So the theme of the day was about friendship and they were supposed to say something nice like friend is life, etc. So SMJ asked Tukutz what is a friend to him (like he was supposed to fill out Friend is XX to me) and Tukutz, on live program, puts curse words on them. Outside, the manager begged forgiveness from the PD and PD said it was fine as long as he didn’t repeat it. But in the room, Tukutz just kept on repeating the words, lol..

      G-Dragon: He told a story about Seungri’s total faux pas on stage when he won Inkigayo. Instead of thanking other people for their hard work, he thanked himself for doing such an awesome job, haha. Another one is about Seungri being a telltale to the company president. Big Bang apparently wanted to secretly got away from work and Seungri got them caught. As a present, Seungri got a solo album, a movie, cf, and all sorts of stuff.

      Solbi: Solbi’s story involved chicken neck substituting for a lipstick and a school bully whom she had a crush on. To top it off, the setting of this was in a coed bathroom of a chicken restaurant, hahaha. LOL, I swear the entire episode, Solbi rocks. She calls the girl with the fake cat on the shoulder weird and asked why she was staying.

      Those are some of the things from what I could remember.

  2. Thanx a lot.
    I actually watched the Chinese subbed version and I just LOLed from the beginning till the very end.

    I knew KHD would tease Seung Gi about Yoona! So cute! 😛

    All of their stories were really funny. I esp LOLed the most at Big Bang’s story. Seung Ri’s really one of a kind. Altho he’s the maknae of the group, it looks like he’s the boldest huh?

    He should totally move on to acting. He’s got great potential!

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