1N2D, 6:80 Members Vs. Staff

I don’t blog about 1 Night 2 Days a lot even though I watch it every week. No, what I used to do was watch the RAW on Sunday, rewatch it once or twice during the week, catch the KBSWorld subbed version on Thursday, and watch the next episode on Sunday. And when I’m bored, I usually go back to some old episodes and watch them again.  That’s how much I used to watch 1N2D. It’s just that now I’ve got more things on my plate that it’s hard to rewatch the episodes, but I always make it a point to wake up early on Sunday morning to watch 1N2D.

The reason I barely blog about 1N2D is that there’s no subtitles for the Sunday episode and I feel awkward blabbing about it since I don’t understand the entire thing anyway and even when I think I understand, there’s a big chance that I make mistakes that lead to a misunderstanding. It’s a sucky situation when you want to talk about the show but don’t really understand Korean. However, I’m just gonna do that, blab I mean, hehehe. It’s only because I really want to share the 1N2D love around and spread some good words about the show. 1 Night 2 Days is one of the best things on earth and I feel that it is actually quite a privilege to know and fangirl the show. Anyways, here goes.

We start the trip to Jeollanam Province with some fashion flash. The question is: What the heck is MC Mong wearing??


But Mong is forgiven because his outfit is hilarious. You know, I’m always on the lookout for Mong and Seunggi’s fashion. The former because they are often colourful and spectacularly hilarious and the latter because they are often mismatched and spectacularly hilarious.

The guys apparently have to go on this bridge up in the mountain to get some cash. I’m hazy on the details, but they proceed to do, as usual, Bokbulbok to decide whose fate it was to have to go mount climbing that day.


It’s a sad day for Seunggi, Sugeun, and Mong who are chosen the hard task of hiking up to get to the hanging bridge and get some cash. So grudgingly, off the go up and apparently, according to them this experience beats the all time exhausting experience of climbing Baekdusan.

After two hours of hard work, each of them are rewarded 50k Won. So the total of 150k Won is supposed to be shared between the 6 members. Traitorous act is staple of 1N2D, however. When called by the eldest brother Hodong, the Hiking team admit to being disappointed because they only get 20k each, which of course is a Lie..lie..lie..lie..lie…

Too bad for them, resident genius ‘Choding’ Jiwon is on the opposing team and he already guesses that Hiking team is totally lying and predicts that they would go to a restaurant to eat instead. Of course Choding is right! He knows this because he would do exactly the same, hahaha..

So what do the staying team do? Spy on their friends, duhh!


And how do the traitors look like when they get busted? Look below..


Honest to god, the expressions on the traitors’ faces were priceless. The problem is that they are all afraid of the eldest brother Hodong. And they acknowledge it. But it’s so funny that the younger brothers always try to win Hodong and end up ruffling his feathers.

The betrayed team forgive the traitors and they end up eating together. One of the reasons why 1N2D is so enjoyable to watch is because the food looks super deeeeeelicious. They eat the worst things possible when they do Bokbulbok, but the prize food is worth it because just they look really good. It doesn’t help that the members, in their variety mentality, exaggerate for entertainment purpose, making the dishes presented even more tempting. I mean, look at this!!


After the satisfying meal, the guys go back to their basecamp and take a rest before shooting again in the evening for their Bokbulbok. The bokbulbok this time is to decide sleeping places. Sleep outside or sleep inside? But let’s get to that later. For now, what do the 6 members of one of the most popular TV shows do? Laze around and watch TV.

I don’t know about other people, but these moments are actually among my favourite things about the show. When they are shooting, they are shooting for entertainment and of course for the show to be worthwhile, the guys have to be active and funny. But these scenes where the members are just lying around and talking to each other are one of the pulling charms of 1N2D. It’s just pure interactions without calculations or scripts.

The conversations are also random but strangely funny. Director Na makes a remark that nobody seems to like Hodong because he’s in the other room, watching TV by himself while the other 5 guys are together. Ever the nice kid, Seunggi goes to the other room right away, followed by the wild monkey Mong. Sugeun, who is directly Hodong’s junior by profession (comedian/MC) also says he’s going to be there in a minute despite the fact that now sporting hot stickers to treat the after effects of Hodong’s torture from the restaurant. Jiwon the childish genius tells them logically that them coming over like that just looks weird. Meanwhile in the other room, Mong asks Hodong plainly why he’s so not popular with the others, hahaha.


After the rest time, the guys are back to filming. They are brainstorming the ideas for bokbulbok. Hodong throws it out in the air. How about a rematch between the 6 members vs the 80 staff?? If the staff wins, the members sleep outside, which is fine, they do that all the time. But if the members win, the staff, all 80 of them, have to be prepared to sleep outside!! PD Na’s reception is good but he needs to run the idea by the other staff.

Now this is the fun in this episode. We get to see the ‘behind the scene’ of 1N2D, which director is responsible for which. The lighting staff, the camera people, the members’ managers, the PDs, the scriptwriters, etc. Some of the staff are regularly appearing on camera, like MC Mong’s manager Hoonsuk, or the youngest cutie writer Daeju. But the other ones we see for the first time. It was really fun to know the people behind the camera.

So the games are decided! Pingpong, Soccer, and Rope Jumping.

And OMG, it starts to rain!! The game is going to be even more intense. Whoever loses has to sleep outside in the rain!

The first game of pingpong is won by…..Staff!!!


The second game of soccer is won by… Members! All thanks to MC Mong’s manager Hoonsuk, whose soccer skills is quite questionable, despite all the cool moves he’s trying to show. BTW, Hoonsuk has been appearing on 1N2D a few times. He was stranded with Mong with a task to catch a fish. This particular scene scored a whopping 42% rating! I can’t remember which episode that was, but it was seriously fall off your chair kind of hilarity. He was also in the anniversaty episodes where the 5 younger brothers rebelled against Hodong. Most recently he was delegated the task of being a driver in the 10 Manwon Happiness episode. He’s the guy in purple, if you can’t figure it out.


Then comes the last game, Rope Jumping. This game has 2 people flinging the rope and the remaining 4 people have to jump together. If one of them is caught, the game is over. The staff goes first and scores a strong 29 jumps together. Mong is looking worriedly on the sideline. Can they go over 29 jumps? Together?



They win!! As you can see from that last cap of them scattered around in joy of their winning. Which means that um well, the staff, have to sleep outside!

Hodong’s Manager, below, can only stare. The doom of sleeping outside, in the rain no less, is waiting for him and the rest of the staff.


This has got to be one of the most fun trips ever on 1N2D. After losing, PD Na vows to arrange another Member vs Staff faceoff as a form of revenge. The day is the first snow day. Hahaha, have fun sleeping in the snow. I wonder if the staff would go along with sleeping out on a snow day if they actually loses. It’s gonna be spectacular!


The look on Newbie PD upon finding out late that he had to sleep outside. Hilarious guy.

They didn’t show any preview for next episode, so I’m doubly anticipating this Sunday. Sunday, sunday, come sooner!


7 responses to “1N2D, 6:80 Members Vs. Staff

  1. Love 1N2D too <333
    Altho I don't follow it regularly, I do make it a point to catch it whenever it airs on KBS World Thursday subbed and Sunday (raw).

    Definitely one of the best shows around after YSMM. Even Family Outing doesn't do it as much as this show does for me..

    • Oh man, YSMM was awesome, wasn’t it? Too bad the current YSMM doesn’t feel the same anymore. The old YSMM could actually get me to cry, gosh!

  2. the “LIE..LIE..LIE..LIE..LIE” scene cracks me up!
    Btw, ehmm..don’t u think Hodong’s manager looks so handsome? LOL..

  3. Hey! I’m just wondering. What episode is this?
    Sadly I have not watched this episode and would really appreciate it if you get back to me! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

  4. its episode 123 guys 😉 at sharingcaring ahboo site 🙂

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