Hyunjoong on Family Outing

Family Outing aired today with the first part of the episodes with Hyunjoong (and Big Bang’s Seungri) as guests. While I do like Big Bang levelly, it is obvious that the biggest appeal of this outing is definitely Hyunjoong. I had mixed feelings when I heard that Hyunjoong was going to feature on Family Outing. That leftover affection for the show We Got Married made me feel a little twinge of disappointment that Hyunjoong went to FO, a direct competitor of WGM. True, WGM is behind Hyunjoong already, but still, he was once on the opposing side.

But anyway, that feeling was soon replaced by excitement. I was psyched to see Hyunjoong again on a reality based variety show and also curious to see how he would fit in with the team considering how he seems to take a while to warm up to ‘strangers’. I envisioned that he would probably look really awkward, but then I also remembered that Hyori, Hyunjoong’s close senior and ‘ideal girl’, was headlining FO so I thought at least he had someone he was familiar with together. The icing on the cake was that I was also highly curious to see how Hyunjoong and Hyori would interact with each other, being a Ssangchu fan that I am.

To be short, I anticipated today’s episode. This is also the first time since I got to know 1 Night 2 Days that I watched FO before 1N2D. Travesty, I know, but I can’t help it, it’s been so long since I’ve seen Hyunjoong on this kind of shows and I miss watching him.

And gosh, it only made me miss WGM so much more. There were so many things in this episode that reminded me of WGM, especially Ssangchu/Joongbo’s parts.

Hyunjoong arrived to the shooting location dressed in a suit, looking dashing and basically stealing Seungri’s thunder who also came in a suit, LOL. They handed him the ‘map’ and found the house where the family would be staying. The first thing they had to do was catch some (honestly, weird) seafood to eat. Hyunjoong, along with some others, was delegated the task of diving for it. Hyunjoong noted that he didn’t go to the sea a lot because he couldn’t go into the water more than his own height. If you had been watching WGM, you’d remember that Hyunjoong said he was deathly scared of the movie Jaws and had decided early on that water, was just not his friend.

I thought it was really hilarious. Seungri was catching on real fast, he caught some seafood, he was shaping up to be a useful member. Hyunjoong, on the other hand, omg, lols, I had to pause and laughed first before continuing. The cool and handsome image was soon destroyed. Basically, Hyunjoong tried diving, flailed about, came up gasping for water without catching anything, and repeated. In the end, he didn’t seem to be catching anything at all.


The game part came soon. Knowing how intense Hyunjoong’s winning streak can be, I was expecting him to slay the other member and dethroned Kim Sooro as the new Game Devil. Imagine my surprise when he lost not once but twice. To be fair, he looked like he was trying hard but it was obvious he was still so self conscious. A little memorable moment was when he had to touch this (sea cucumber?) and it really took him a long time before he finally gave up, citing he would soon go crazy. Anyone got a dejavu from WGM ep 26, with the loach/mikkuraji? Yoo Jaesuk ended up picking the sea cucumber up and Hyunjoong was up for the task of cutting them. Park Haejin even told him ‘If you go somewhere else, don’t try to cook’, illustrating how bad he was with it. LOL. Well, at least Hyunjoong aces the art of making Ramyun and Ttokbokki.

Another memorable moment was when Hyunjoong and Hyori went alone to get some veggies for dinner. It was sweet that Hyunjoong remarked that Hyori was the one responsible for raising up SS501, meaning that she took a great deal of care of SS501 as her junior. When asked if he watched FO a lot, he said that his heart hurt to see Hyori on FO, hahaha. He said that she seemed to be suffering a lot when filming FO and he literally told it to her face that he thought to himself about how Hyori got so old in doing FO. OMG, that was the single ‘HEOKKK’ moment in the entire episode, lols. Dude needs some sort of filtering system, haha.

He also let it slip that he wished his Yoon Jihoo Sunbae image would wear off soon. He was really getting tired of being referred to Jihoo Sunbae and the misconceptions that he was a romantic and poetic guy like Yoon Jihoo, when I guess in fact, he was the exact opposite.

All in all, I thought it was still an awkward episode. I think it would’ve been better if Hyunjoong came together with one of his band members, perhaps Kyujong or Hyungjoon. It would help him relax a lot more and would have made this episode a lot more entertaining. The problem was that aside from Hyunjoong needing time to adjust to the new situation, this show has so many members and they are already established their ‘roles’ on the show. For a quiet guest, this can become a show where the guest only talks pretty much when they were asked. In Hyunjoong’s case, the camera was nice enough to catch him even when he wasn’t speaking, but his parts were still considerably uneventful.

It was interesting how he and Seungri were really different today. Seungri worked really really hard integrating himself into the show, making jokes and being entertaining. I have a feeling that Seungri himself was not that outgoing, judging from some Big Bang shows I’ve watched, but he really worked on his variety personality. Whereas Hyunjoong was a transparent in his own awkwardness and had a hard time getting over it. I remember on WGM where the couples went on Ant Tour. Just the thought that many people he didn’t know were coming on the Tour made him really uneasy and he was very awkward for a while.

There’s actually running game in the preview. Even if he sucks at cooking and swimming, we can be confident he wouldn’t lose to other people on running.

English subbed already:


One response to “Hyunjoong on Family Outing

  1. OMG….this FO episode really made me go back and watch WGM cause for a while there it seem KHJ look uncorfortable as when he began filming WGM….KHJ is so 4D that is so funny to watch….I hope he and Hwango get a chance to meet in another variety/reality show…..it would be great to see if they still have that great chemistry on screen….Hwango was great for him cause she put a lot of effort to make him feel at ease….I hope he is getty healthy and resting….

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