Lee Seunggi’s 4th: First Listen


Thanks to the beeyotiful Bee who uploaded Seunggi’s tracks from his 4th Album Shadow to Youtube.

I’m listening to the songs as I am typing so this is really just a first impression kind of thing. The thing with me is that some songs I can really hate on the first listen, but the more I have it in my playlist, the more I get used to it and the more I like them. This has happened quite a few times, so with songs, I don’t really trust my first judgment. But usually, when I do like a song on the first listen, I will continue to love it. Still, the fact stands that I am totally no music master. I don’t analyze the rhythm or the beats or the lyrics, I just base it on whether the music is well, music to my ears or not.


1)Like a Flower;; 2)Wedding Veil;; 3)Let’s Break Up (title song);; 4)Melody;; 5)Love Spins Around;; 6)Love Is;; 7)I Got To Know It That Way;; 8)I Want You;; 9)Despair;; 10)Ore Ore Oh.

If I were to comment on each song, I Like A Flower is like a reminiscence of Seunggi’s pop rock in his 2nd album, whereas I feel that Wedding Veil and I Got To Know You That Way remind me of his 1st album.  Melody and Love Is are his contemporary pieces and they are so much fun to listen to. Let’s Break Up, Love Spins Around and Despair are the what I call Seunggi’s signature ballad songs. It reminds me a lot of stuff like White Lie and Words That Are Hard To Say, not a fan, but I’m not complaining either.

I Want You is the one song that stands out and that I feel most different than anything I’ve heard of Seunggi. It’s very upbeat and it actually sounds…happy. Listening to that was SUCH a surprise, a very pleasant surprise actually. Then I went down and listened to the very last track, Ore Ore Oh, and my surprise turned me into a gawking nut. It’s another happy song!!! OMG, 2 officially happy songs in one album! What I did to deserve this wonderful gift, I will never know.

Alright, I overreacted, but the truth is even though I like Seunggi’s songs, his songs are rarely what I would call ‘happy’. A lot of them are supposed to evoke a sad emotion or failing that, at least a little melancholy. The only ones I can pinpoint that are remotely happy are Will You Marry Me and Smile Boy.

So this happier and lighter vibe of this new album is a big change and the one change that for me personally, is very welcome. I know Seunggi has a lot of fans for his sadder ballad songs and perhaps those will be disappointed at the turn of atmosphere, but for me, I am happy.


3 responses to “Lee Seunggi’s 4th: First Listen

  1. You are the same as me.. The first impression of the song is often important to me when listing a song.. But some songs I do like them after few times… I think it could be because we don’t really understand their languages. We could like songs based on the way they composed, the tune and music, and lyric comes last …

    I think this album is more upbeat and cheerful, comparing to his previous ones. However, sadly I don’t really like any particular songs from this album while I like “White lies” or “Why…leave”…

    • I suspected that Seunggi might have lost some of his fans that are mainly into his ballad songs. In contrast with you, White Lies and Why Leave are some of the songs that I can definitely live without. Not that I hate them, but I admit to skipping them as well in my playlist.

  2. yes i like ore ore o…this song make me happy n make seunggi more cheerfully,,this album so nice…no matter that seunggi sing ballads or pop rock…keep fighting:)

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