Halfway Verdict on Lady Castle

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Let me say this kindly: Lady Castle or My Fair Lady or Take Care of Agasshi is NOT getting better. In fact, the more I watch it, the more annoyed I become and the more I wonder why I even bother watching it. Thanks to busier schedule, my patience for this kind of disastrous mess is wearing super thin. In fact, I have been fast forwarding the last 2 episodes simply because I find it hard to sit through an episode without an urge to a)roll my eyes, b)sigh, and c)turn it off.

Still, one of my biggest resentment is the fact that Lady Castle is the drama that could have been. It could have been good! I find no exceptionally bad element of LC (except the music, my ears hurt whenever I hear that Davichi song, god.), the actors’ previous works are mostly great, the PD and Scriptwriter’s previous works do not look too bad either (at least I enjoyed Flowers for my Life and Sweet 18 enough), the set and wardrobe are all pretty. So I don’t get why Lady Castle is such a crap. I feel like it brings out the worst in them.

Yoon Eunhye could have taken pronounciation lessons. Jung Ilwoo could have flashed those pearly whites less often. Yoon Sanghyun could have yelled less. Moon Chaewon could have asked the director not to make her character that controlling. The story could have made more sense. The characters could have given more depth. The scene to scene developments could have been more subtle. The music could have been…different (I’m sorry, but I really can’t stand Lady Castle’s music. I prefer Boys Over Flowers’s music over this any day!)

I’m so totally ranting right now, but I am truly disappointed. I know that not all dramas can be great dramas, but I wouldn’t mind as much if its fun factor runs high, but at the rate they are going, I am losing interest pretty soon. Even Yoon Sanghyun casting longing glances at Yoon Eunhye can’t do me in, I just find it excessively unnecessary.


2 responses to “Halfway Verdict on Lady Castle

  1. Ooouucchh… *watch out for stones from LC fans*

    I haven’t even budged a bit from Ep 2 onwards. Not because I dun want to (I still want to see how bad it is, considering that we both have similar taste in dramas), but because the internet has not been working for me for weeeks!!! The reason why I can reply here because I’m hogging the line at work >.<

    From your post and your picture, I assume the best thing about LC right now, for you at least, is Wang Seok Hyun? 😛

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