2PM’s Myspace Scandal


For the record, I am not a fan of 2PM, heck, I don’t even know 2PM members (other than Nickhun because he’s so adorable) or their songs (I’ve heard snippets of Again and Again but that’s about it). I am not familiar at all with the group. I know they’re very popular these days, but I never really hopped the bandwagon anyway. It’s only recently that I learned about the whole Myspace scandal of Jaebum, 2PM’s leader, that 2PM caught my attention. Even then, I wasn’t all that interested, but after a few developments, things have really started to heat up.

Starting from him getting kicked out from MBC’s show Nodaji, activities getting canceled, the thousand media coverage about this issue, and the latest and the one that I couldn’t believe my eyes: a suicide petition. Wow, seriously.

For me, just like the Joo Jihoon case, I don’t quite grasp the necessity of such intense reactions to this ‘scandal’ or to be exact: a few *frustrated* Myspace comments made 4 years ago by a barely legal kid.

I actually youtube-d Jaebum just to see what this person is like. Obviously, he’s of Korean heritage, but he’s definitely American/Westerner through and through. At least that’s what his mannerisms seemed to convey. An interesting thing is that he came to Korea from America 4 years ago. Not only was he not able to connect to many people due to language barrier, he also had a hard time adjusting to the culture as well, having used to the more laid back Western culture. Plus, dude was probably homesick too. I know this because I was homesick, I AM still homesick, after 3 years living away from home.

Also, 2PM only got popular around last year, I believe. Which means that the pre-debut training, that is rumoured to be super exhausting and not unlike military training, lasted for a good couple of years. This was a period where a debut might happen, but it could also fall through. To my knowledge, trainees for these management companies are not guaranteed to actually debut well, let alone shoot to stardom. In Park Jaebum’s case, for all he knew, he probably didn’t think he would get hugely popular and have his Myspace comments from a long time dug out just to prove that he’s human, capable of cursing and talking shit.

I’m not condoning racist talk at all, but this is obviously just a manufactured scandal,  built up out of hate.

On another note, I’ve been hearing people saying how hot Jaebum is. Then I saw a picture of him and I was like ‘Huh?’. Don’t quite see it.

EDITED: Apparently, while I was sleeping, Jaebum quit and left Korea. It’s sad to think that he left over something silly like this. Well, let’s hope this is nothing more than a temporary absence and some sort of shock factor strategy planned by JYP. I’m sure the majority of 2PM fans would be rallying for him to come back.


3 responses to “2PM’s Myspace Scandal

  1. You know the idiom, picking a needle out of the haystack?
    The meaning doesn’t exactly apply to this situation here… but it so reflects how picky and annoying Netizens are when it comes to this sort of stuff. Take something minor and blow it up into some big commotion.. it’s like Jae Bum can change the past? Huh?

    That aside, on Jae Bum’s hotness. I think it’s just personal preference. I’m more inclined to categorize him as cute tho he has to-die-for abs. And his personality really shines thru on screen… very very charismatic. Not a great fan of 2PM, but if I had to choose, Jae Bum would totally be my pick. hehehe…

    Hopefully all wud be good for him after this ridiculousness dies down..

  2. Oh no…latest update is that Jae Bum has already quit 2PM!!

    This is such devastating news…T.T

    • What, over something like this? I thought JYP was intent on keeping him on the group? That sucks for 2PM, losing a leader like that.

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