WTF? Junjin/Siyoung No More?



Okay, here’s the deal. WGM reel couple Junjin and Lee Siyoung announced they were together in real life sometime ago, after their stint in WGM was over. It was quite a public affair, respectively Junjin and Siyoung appearedon different variety shows to ‘confirm’ or ‘deny’ their true relationship. Management companies issuing legitimate release that they both were indeed together. There was even talks of doing press conference. Junjin went to Siyoung’s movie premiere and presented her with a bouquet of flowers on stage and likewise, Siyoung called Junjin on a variety show MBC Sebaquee. They matched their Cyworld, posted pictures of them together, etc. Basically, neither was shy to express their good feelings toward the other. And I was just happy that Junjin found someone he liked, especially since I do like Siyoung too as an entertainer.

And now, barely 6 months later, apparently they have broken up. Just as public their beginnings were, it seems their ending is just as publicly reported. There are a bunch of articles out there regarding the breakup and they why’s and when’s and everything. Junjin’s company even issued a statement about the breakup.

I hate saying this, but doesn’t this feel like the drama Six Months/Just Looking/That Fool/The Accidental Couple? Only this time, the deal went smoothly. Get the reference?

There was actually a post at Soompi very early on that speculated whether Junjin and Lee Siyoung’s public coupling was well… a public stunt. Because at the time, Siyoung was just a newbie on her way to promoting new projects (and gain more popularity) and Junjin had a new album coming out, also in need of public attention. I’m not sure if this speculation went on within the Korean fans circle as well, but this was just a post among one of the gazillion posts at Soompi, and as much as I despised that person for being so negative, that got me to thinking and eventually, I had to admit that there’s a part of me that suspected that was the case as well.

I expressed this voice of doubt to a fellow Junjin fan too. The reasoning behind this hesitance is because for one, Junjin is (used to be) highly private about his personal life and love. Even if there had been rumours of his entanglement with someone, he never confirmed anything. Shinhwa fans mostly knew that he was dating Jung Ryeowon a few years ago, but he never admitted it either. The same goes with Shim Eunjin, a model, a student, etc. Usually JJ would be talking when the relationship was in the past. So it baffled me that now Junjin was so freely acknowledging his relationship. I thought that maybe, this was a sign that he was truly serious about the relationship and was preparing us, fans, for news of his marriage or something. If that was the case, we would be really happy for him.

But that voice of doubt told me to wait a few months to see how things go and from there we could conclude if this was a public stunt or not. Not only did that actually come true, but this whole ‘commotion’ about Junjin leaving pleading messages (tho I have yet to confirm that the person is actually Junjin) on Siyoung’s Cyworld, his company issuing public statement, and the many articles about it, they all just seem awfully suspicious. If you take a step back, then you’d realize that this entire relationship had been on the limelight from the beginning to the end.

I’m not ruling anything at all, I’m just conveying my feelings here. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gundam couple a lot and if they were true this is truly a sad news because they were such a beautiful couple. But if they weren’t, to use a relationship to gain attention is just desperate, no matter how huge of a fan I am.

I’ll believe the more positive angle here right now. Gundam couple would always be a memorable couple and I wish both Junjin and Lee Siyoung to cope well during this breakup.


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