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1N2D, 6:80 Members Vs. Staff

I don’t blog about 1 Night 2 Days a lot even though I watch it every week. No, what I used to do was watch the RAW on Sunday, rewatch it once or twice during the week, catch the KBSWorld subbed version on Thursday, and watch the next episode on Sunday. And when I’m bored, I usually go back to some old episodes and watch them again.  That’s how much I used to watch 1N2D. It’s just that now I’ve got more things on my plate that it’s hard to rewatch the episodes, but I always make it a point to wake up early on Sunday morning to watch 1N2D.

The reason I barely blog about 1N2D is that there’s no subtitles for the Sunday episode and I feel awkward blabbing about it since I don’t understand the entire thing anyway and even when I think I understand, there’s a big chance that I make mistakes that lead to a misunderstanding. It’s a sucky situation when you want to talk about the show but don’t really understand Korean. However, I’m just gonna do that, blab I mean, hehehe. It’s only because I really want to share the 1N2D love around and spread some good words about the show. 1 Night 2 Days is one of the best things on earth and I feel that it is actually quite a privilege to know and fangirl the show. Anyways, here goes.

We start the trip to Jeollanam Province with some fashion flash. The question is: What the heck is MC Mong wearing??


But Mong is forgiven because his outfit is hilarious. You know, I’m always on the lookout for Mong and Seunggi’s fashion. The former because they are often colourful and spectacularly hilarious and the latter because they are often mismatched and spectacularly hilarious.

The guys apparently have to go on this bridge up in the mountain to get some cash. I’m hazy on the details, but they proceed to do, as usual, Bokbulbok to decide whose fate it was to have to go mount climbing that day.


It’s a sad day for Seunggi, Sugeun, and Mong who are chosen the hard task of hiking up to get to the hanging bridge and get some cash. So grudgingly, off the go up and apparently, according to them this experience beats the all time exhausting experience of climbing Baekdusan.

After two hours of hard work, each of them are rewarded 50k Won. So the total of 150k Won is supposed to be shared between the 6 members. Traitorous act is staple of 1N2D, however. When called by the eldest brother Hodong, the Hiking team admit to being disappointed because they only get 20k each, which of course is a Lie..lie..lie..lie..lie…

Too bad for them, resident genius ‘Choding’ Jiwon is on the opposing team and he already guesses that Hiking team is totally lying and predicts that they would go to a restaurant to eat instead. Of course Choding is right! He knows this because he would do exactly the same, hahaha..

So what do the staying team do? Spy on their friends, duhh!


And how do the traitors look like when they get busted? Look below..


Honest to god, the expressions on the traitors’ faces were priceless. The problem is that they are all afraid of the eldest brother Hodong. And they acknowledge it. But it’s so funny that the younger brothers always try to win Hodong and end up ruffling his feathers.

The betrayed team forgive the traitors and they end up eating together. One of the reasons why 1N2D is so enjoyable to watch is because the food looks super deeeeeelicious. They eat the worst things possible when they do Bokbulbok, but the prize food is worth it because just they look really good. It doesn’t help that the members, in their variety mentality, exaggerate for entertainment purpose, making the dishes presented even more tempting. I mean, look at this!!


After the satisfying meal, the guys go back to their basecamp and take a rest before shooting again in the evening for their Bokbulbok. The bokbulbok this time is to decide sleeping places. Sleep outside or sleep inside? But let’s get to that later. For now, what do the 6 members of one of the most popular TV shows do? Laze around and watch TV.

I don’t know about other people, but these moments are actually among my favourite things about the show. When they are shooting, they are shooting for entertainment and of course for the show to be worthwhile, the guys have to be active and funny. But these scenes where the members are just lying around and talking to each other are one of the pulling charms of 1N2D. It’s just pure interactions without calculations or scripts.

The conversations are also random but strangely funny. Director Na makes a remark that nobody seems to like Hodong because he’s in the other room, watching TV by himself while the other 5 guys are together. Ever the nice kid, Seunggi goes to the other room right away, followed by the wild monkey Mong. Sugeun, who is directly Hodong’s junior by profession (comedian/MC) also says he’s going to be there in a minute despite the fact that now sporting hot stickers to treat the after effects of Hodong’s torture from the restaurant. Jiwon the childish genius tells them logically that them coming over like that just looks weird. Meanwhile in the other room, Mong asks Hodong plainly why he’s so not popular with the others, hahaha.


After the rest time, the guys are back to filming. They are brainstorming the ideas for bokbulbok. Hodong throws it out in the air. How about a rematch between the 6 members vs the 80 staff?? If the staff wins, the members sleep outside, which is fine, they do that all the time. But if the members win, the staff, all 80 of them, have to be prepared to sleep outside!! PD Na’s reception is good but he needs to run the idea by the other staff.

Now this is the fun in this episode. We get to see the ‘behind the scene’ of 1N2D, which director is responsible for which. The lighting staff, the camera people, the members’ managers, the PDs, the scriptwriters, etc. Some of the staff are regularly appearing on camera, like MC Mong’s manager Hoonsuk, or the youngest cutie writer Daeju. But the other ones we see for the first time. It was really fun to know the people behind the camera.

So the games are decided! Pingpong, Soccer, and Rope Jumping.

And OMG, it starts to rain!! The game is going to be even more intense. Whoever loses has to sleep outside in the rain!

The first game of pingpong is won by…..Staff!!!


The second game of soccer is won by… Members! All thanks to MC Mong’s manager Hoonsuk, whose soccer skills is quite questionable, despite all the cool moves he’s trying to show. BTW, Hoonsuk has been appearing on 1N2D a few times. He was stranded with Mong with a task to catch a fish. This particular scene scored a whopping 42% rating! I can’t remember which episode that was, but it was seriously fall off your chair kind of hilarity. He was also in the anniversaty episodes where the 5 younger brothers rebelled against Hodong. Most recently he was delegated the task of being a driver in the 10 Manwon Happiness episode. He’s the guy in purple, if you can’t figure it out.


Then comes the last game, Rope Jumping. This game has 2 people flinging the rope and the remaining 4 people have to jump together. If one of them is caught, the game is over. The staff goes first and scores a strong 29 jumps together. Mong is looking worriedly on the sideline. Can they go over 29 jumps? Together?



They win!! As you can see from that last cap of them scattered around in joy of their winning. Which means that um well, the staff, have to sleep outside!

Hodong’s Manager, below, can only stare. The doom of sleeping outside, in the rain no less, is waiting for him and the rest of the staff.


This has got to be one of the most fun trips ever on 1N2D. After losing, PD Na vows to arrange another Member vs Staff faceoff as a form of revenge. The day is the first snow day. Hahaha, have fun sleeping in the snow. I wonder if the staff would go along with sleeping out on a snow day if they actually loses. It’s gonna be spectacular!


The look on Newbie PD upon finding out late that he had to sleep outside. Hilarious guy.

They didn’t show any preview for next episode, so I’m doubly anticipating this Sunday. Sunday, sunday, come sooner!


Hyunjoong on Family Outing

Family Outing aired today with the first part of the episodes with Hyunjoong (and Big Bang’s Seungri) as guests. While I do like Big Bang levelly, it is obvious that the biggest appeal of this outing is definitely Hyunjoong. I had mixed feelings when I heard that Hyunjoong was going to feature on Family Outing. That leftover affection for the show We Got Married made me feel a little twinge of disappointment that Hyunjoong went to FO, a direct competitor of WGM. True, WGM is behind Hyunjoong already, but still, he was once on the opposing side.

But anyway, that feeling was soon replaced by excitement. I was psyched to see Hyunjoong again on a reality based variety show and also curious to see how he would fit in with the team considering how he seems to take a while to warm up to ‘strangers’. I envisioned that he would probably look really awkward, but then I also remembered that Hyori, Hyunjoong’s close senior and ‘ideal girl’, was headlining FO so I thought at least he had someone he was familiar with together. The icing on the cake was that I was also highly curious to see how Hyunjoong and Hyori would interact with each other, being a Ssangchu fan that I am.

To be short, I anticipated today’s episode. This is also the first time since I got to know 1 Night 2 Days that I watched FO before 1N2D. Travesty, I know, but I can’t help it, it’s been so long since I’ve seen Hyunjoong on this kind of shows and I miss watching him.

And gosh, it only made me miss WGM so much more. There were so many things in this episode that reminded me of WGM, especially Ssangchu/Joongbo’s parts.

Hyunjoong arrived to the shooting location dressed in a suit, looking dashing and basically stealing Seungri’s thunder who also came in a suit, LOL. They handed him the ‘map’ and found the house where the family would be staying. The first thing they had to do was catch some (honestly, weird) seafood to eat. Hyunjoong, along with some others, was delegated the task of diving for it. Hyunjoong noted that he didn’t go to the sea a lot because he couldn’t go into the water more than his own height. If you had been watching WGM, you’d remember that Hyunjoong said he was deathly scared of the movie Jaws and had decided early on that water, was just not his friend.

I thought it was really hilarious. Seungri was catching on real fast, he caught some seafood, he was shaping up to be a useful member. Hyunjoong, on the other hand, omg, lols, I had to pause and laughed first before continuing. The cool and handsome image was soon destroyed. Basically, Hyunjoong tried diving, flailed about, came up gasping for water without catching anything, and repeated. In the end, he didn’t seem to be catching anything at all.


The game part came soon. Knowing how intense Hyunjoong’s winning streak can be, I was expecting him to slay the other member and dethroned Kim Sooro as the new Game Devil. Imagine my surprise when he lost not once but twice. To be fair, he looked like he was trying hard but it was obvious he was still so self conscious. A little memorable moment was when he had to touch this (sea cucumber?) and it really took him a long time before he finally gave up, citing he would soon go crazy. Anyone got a dejavu from WGM ep 26, with the loach/mikkuraji? Yoo Jaesuk ended up picking the sea cucumber up and Hyunjoong was up for the task of cutting them. Park Haejin even told him ‘If you go somewhere else, don’t try to cook’, illustrating how bad he was with it. LOL. Well, at least Hyunjoong aces the art of making Ramyun and Ttokbokki.

Another memorable moment was when Hyunjoong and Hyori went alone to get some veggies for dinner. It was sweet that Hyunjoong remarked that Hyori was the one responsible for raising up SS501, meaning that she took a great deal of care of SS501 as her junior. When asked if he watched FO a lot, he said that his heart hurt to see Hyori on FO, hahaha. He said that she seemed to be suffering a lot when filming FO and he literally told it to her face that he thought to himself about how Hyori got so old in doing FO. OMG, that was the single ‘HEOKKK’ moment in the entire episode, lols. Dude needs some sort of filtering system, haha.

He also let it slip that he wished his Yoon Jihoo Sunbae image would wear off soon. He was really getting tired of being referred to Jihoo Sunbae and the misconceptions that he was a romantic and poetic guy like Yoon Jihoo, when I guess in fact, he was the exact opposite.

All in all, I thought it was still an awkward episode. I think it would’ve been better if Hyunjoong came together with one of his band members, perhaps Kyujong or Hyungjoon. It would help him relax a lot more and would have made this episode a lot more entertaining. The problem was that aside from Hyunjoong needing time to adjust to the new situation, this show has so many members and they are already established their ‘roles’ on the show. For a quiet guest, this can become a show where the guest only talks pretty much when they were asked. In Hyunjoong’s case, the camera was nice enough to catch him even when he wasn’t speaking, but his parts were still considerably uneventful.

It was interesting how he and Seungri were really different today. Seungri worked really really hard integrating himself into the show, making jokes and being entertaining. I have a feeling that Seungri himself was not that outgoing, judging from some Big Bang shows I’ve watched, but he really worked on his variety personality. Whereas Hyunjoong was a transparent in his own awkwardness and had a hard time getting over it. I remember on WGM where the couples went on Ant Tour. Just the thought that many people he didn’t know were coming on the Tour made him really uneasy and he was very awkward for a while.

There’s actually running game in the preview. Even if he sucks at cooking and swimming, we can be confident he wouldn’t lose to other people on running.

English subbed already:

Lee Seunggi’s 4th: First Listen


Thanks to the beeyotiful Bee who uploaded Seunggi’s tracks from his 4th Album Shadow to Youtube.

I’m listening to the songs as I am typing so this is really just a first impression kind of thing. The thing with me is that some songs I can really hate on the first listen, but the more I have it in my playlist, the more I get used to it and the more I like them. This has happened quite a few times, so with songs, I don’t really trust my first judgment. But usually, when I do like a song on the first listen, I will continue to love it. Still, the fact stands that I am totally no music master. I don’t analyze the rhythm or the beats or the lyrics, I just base it on whether the music is well, music to my ears or not.


1)Like a Flower;; 2)Wedding Veil;; 3)Let’s Break Up (title song);; 4)Melody;; 5)Love Spins Around;; 6)Love Is;; 7)I Got To Know It That Way;; 8)I Want You;; 9)Despair;; 10)Ore Ore Oh.

If I were to comment on each song, I Like A Flower is like a reminiscence of Seunggi’s pop rock in his 2nd album, whereas I feel that Wedding Veil and I Got To Know You That Way remind me of his 1st album.  Melody and Love Is are his contemporary pieces and they are so much fun to listen to. Let’s Break Up, Love Spins Around and Despair are the what I call Seunggi’s signature ballad songs. It reminds me a lot of stuff like White Lie and Words That Are Hard To Say, not a fan, but I’m not complaining either.

I Want You is the one song that stands out and that I feel most different than anything I’ve heard of Seunggi. It’s very upbeat and it actually sounds…happy. Listening to that was SUCH a surprise, a very pleasant surprise actually. Then I went down and listened to the very last track, Ore Ore Oh, and my surprise turned me into a gawking nut. It’s another happy song!!! OMG, 2 officially happy songs in one album! What I did to deserve this wonderful gift, I will never know.

Alright, I overreacted, but the truth is even though I like Seunggi’s songs, his songs are rarely what I would call ‘happy’. A lot of them are supposed to evoke a sad emotion or failing that, at least a little melancholy. The only ones I can pinpoint that are remotely happy are Will You Marry Me and Smile Boy.

So this happier and lighter vibe of this new album is a big change and the one change that for me personally, is very welcome. I know Seunggi has a lot of fans for his sadder ballad songs and perhaps those will be disappointed at the turn of atmosphere, but for me, I am happy.

Halfway Verdict on Lady Castle

아가씨를 부탁해.E02.090820.HDTV.XViD-Ental.avi_001741239

Let me say this kindly: Lady Castle or My Fair Lady or Take Care of Agasshi is NOT getting better. In fact, the more I watch it, the more annoyed I become and the more I wonder why I even bother watching it. Thanks to busier schedule, my patience for this kind of disastrous mess is wearing super thin. In fact, I have been fast forwarding the last 2 episodes simply because I find it hard to sit through an episode without an urge to a)roll my eyes, b)sigh, and c)turn it off.

Still, one of my biggest resentment is the fact that Lady Castle is the drama that could have been. It could have been good! I find no exceptionally bad element of LC (except the music, my ears hurt whenever I hear that Davichi song, god.), the actors’ previous works are mostly great, the PD and Scriptwriter’s previous works do not look too bad either (at least I enjoyed Flowers for my Life and Sweet 18 enough), the set and wardrobe are all pretty. So I don’t get why Lady Castle is such a crap. I feel like it brings out the worst in them.

Yoon Eunhye could have taken pronounciation lessons. Jung Ilwoo could have flashed those pearly whites less often. Yoon Sanghyun could have yelled less. Moon Chaewon could have asked the director not to make her character that controlling. The story could have made more sense. The characters could have given more depth. The scene to scene developments could have been more subtle. The music could have been…different (I’m sorry, but I really can’t stand Lady Castle’s music. I prefer Boys Over Flowers’s music over this any day!)

I’m so totally ranting right now, but I am truly disappointed. I know that not all dramas can be great dramas, but I wouldn’t mind as much if its fun factor runs high, but at the rate they are going, I am losing interest pretty soon. Even Yoon Sanghyun casting longing glances at Yoon Eunhye can’t do me in, I just find it excessively unnecessary.

Racism in Korea

I thought this was such an interesting article regarding racism in Korea.

omonatheydidnt: Korea Sees First-Ever Prosecution for Racist Remarks

Korea Sees First-Ever Prosecution for Racist Remarks

You may have heard of the case of a Mr. Hussein, who during the summer pursued a criminal case for slander against a Korean man who called him various racial slurs on a bus. This week that man became the first Korean to be indicted for using racist language…


For the first time, a man has been indicted for saying racially discriminatory things to a foreigner.

The case has became a marker for the continued existence of racial discrimination against those on the margins of our already multi-racial society.

Kim Seon-jung reports.


This is Bonojit Hussein, an Indian who has been a research professor for two years a domestic university.

In July he was on a bus when a Korean began insulting him for no reason.

[Interview:Bonojit Hussein, Sungkonghoe University research professor]
“He called me dirty, smelly, an Arab, and even insulted my friend by calling her a whore.”

The insults and verbal continued for over 10 minutes, and in the end he went to the police with the help of his Korean friend.

But the attitude of the police was shocking as they refused to believe he was a professor.

[Interview:Bonojit Hussein, Sungkonghoe University research professor]
“The police officer spoke very kindly to the Koreans but spoke to me in banmal.”

Finally, Mr. Hussein filed a petition with the Human Rights Commission (국가인권위원회) after the police made clear they had no desire to punish.

Prosecutors have indicted the man, who is in his 30s, with criminal insult (모욕죄) on the theory that racist language can constitute such.

[Interview:Hwang Pil-gyu, lawyer]
“I believe that there must be investigations of both the laws which said this was not discrimination and other laws which are themselves discriminatory and foment prejudice.”

This was not Mr. Hussein’s first experience of racial discrimination.

He expressed his sincere hope that this incident be a way for Koreans to change their perspective.

Here’s a more detailed report.

India-born professor Hussein, who with the arrest by Bucheon prosecutors of 31-year old Mr. Park on charges of making racially discriminatory remarks became responsible for the country’s first-ever such arrest, has expressed frustration with the handling of the incident.

After the arrest became public, Prof. Hussein said, “during the police investigation we were encouraged to reach a settlement, and Mr. Park then started to verbally assault me again while the police simply watched. If I had been a white person this would have never happened.” He added, “this is not about punishing Mr. Park. Koreans should use this case as a way to think about the racial double standard that exists between whites and non-whites.”

On the afternoon of July 10th Prof. Hussein was speaking with a Korean friend named Han while on bus number 52 to Guro Station. Suddenly from behind him he heard someone say “hey you, you filthy dog-XX” and when Prof. Hussein turned around he was faced with a man wearing a suit who said, “where are you from? you stinking XX.” Thinking he was drunk Prof. Hussein ignored him, but the man continued by saying in English, “where are you from?” and repeating, “you Arab, you Arab.”

Ms. Han, the Korean friend next to him, asked, “why are you doing this?” to which the man responded, “what are you? You’re like a Chosun X, aren’t you?” Prof. Hussein asked him in English, “what’s the matter?” and the man reacted with “you Arab”, held up his hands and began insults in English. Ms. Han stood up from her seat, turned up her collar and suggested going to the police, after which the man continued insulting her and they got off near the Bucheon Jungbu Police Station and a woman in her 40s offered to be a witness at the police station.

Prof. Hussein, “similar things have happened to me in the past but I was always able to stand it. One time I was asleep and wound up at the bus terminal, where the bus driver kicked me awake.” A member of Konggam, the public interest lawyer’s association, said, “this incident shows that racism continues to be given tacit acceptance.”

Prof. Hussein graduated from Delhi University in India with a degree in modern history and enrolled in a master’s degree program at Sungkonghoe University in 2007, where he was hired as a research professor the next year at the same time he graduated. Because Korean law does not recognize racial discrimination as a crime, he pursued this case as one of personal insult, and filed a petition for reforms with the National Human Rights Commission.

This piece basically goes over the same ground but has somewhat more legal explanation.

Korea Beat

It’s about time! Hopefully this case will help to bring about some change in human rights and racial discrimination (as well as other forms of discrimination, as we all know Korea is rampant with it) will no longer be acceptable.

The behavior of the police kind of disgusts me, but unfortunately I can’t say I’m surprised.

When I went to Korea last year, I only stayed for less than a week. With lots of picture taking and touristy sight-seeing, I didn’t have time to observe the real Korean daily life culture more than a few interactions and snippets I hear. I am not the type of person who can just approach someone and talk to them with ease. Thus, my experience in Korea was just sorely lacking. Fortunately, I have a friend there, a Korean with a truckload of international experience, and through conversations with her that I was able to ask a lot of questions (regarding plastic surgeries, cosmetics, korean’s near obsession with makeup/beauty, and even Eric!).

One of the remarks that I told her was that people seemed to be very accepting towards foreigner. With a smile she told me that yes, Korean wanted to please tourists. I pressed further, well, what about the non tourists? And we got to talking about foreigners in Korea. The conclusion I got was that while the modern society was getting more and more diverse, racial discrimination, subtle or harsh, is still happening. If your skin is white, you are regarded more highly. If you want to become an ESL teacher in Korea, you better be white, otherwise you will be the 2nd priority to someone who is.

I then asked her if Koreans have any opinion about my countrymen. And bless her for her honesty, she told me that many of my countrymen are in Korea as maids/housekeepers and with the many negative things happening around my country as well as the people living in Korea, it’s safe to say that we are definitely not regarded all that highly.

Racism is a fascinating issue. Despite what we say outwardly, without a doubt, each and everyone have had that moment of prejudice toward other culture or race. It is up to us whether we want to dwell on it or if we want to accept that  not only different culture does things differently but also to exercise a little bit of that positivity we all know we have in us.

I Love You (사랑해)


With school starting again and am concurrently working two jobs, I doubt I can post that often or even write longer posts. But I recently finished this drama and I still want to get my thoughts out there.

This drama is a great example why we should not judge a drama based on first impression or first episode (does this mean I have to go back and watch Style? Oh, the horrors). I dismissed this drama on its first two episodes, they were well executed but a little dull and uneventful. I also wasn’t very moved by the main coupling of Ahn Jaewook and Seo Jihye. They looked mismatched and awkward. A couple of times I tried to sit through episode 3 and 4 and failed miserably. Tho the reviews for I Love You is generally okay, none of them have been so very fabulous that I just have to see this drama badly.

But again, thanks to Drama Fever who posted the whole 16 episodes of I Love You not too long ago, I was flipping mindlessly through episode 6, but then got hooked somewhere.

I Love You is such a delightful and funny drama. It’s about love and relationship, simple as that. The relationships are portrayed in a more realistic light, but it surprisingly can keep its light and fluffy vibe. There’s no question whether A would end up with B, or perhaps A used to be C’s boyfriend but C’s mother does not approve of A. It’s just about people and their respective relationships.

To start with, Na Younghee and Suk Chulsoo meet and begin to date casually. When Younghee gets pregnant after a drunken night together, Chulsoo finds it hard to cope with the thought that he now has to marry her. Younghee’s sister, Na Jinhee have been married with Do Minho and her marriage is not in the best shape. She then learns that he has been seeing other women under the pretense of ‘business outings’. Minho’s neighbour, Park Byungho is in a similar situation as Chulsoo as he finds out that his girlfriend, Lee Younghee, gets pregnant and demands to be married. She even goes as far as suing him for not owning up to his promise to marry her.


There’s no evil stepmother, no evil plotting done to destroy another person, basically, no big plot twists happen. The story is nothing surprising or groundbreaking, but its charm is all in the execution.

I thought it was smart that instead of the usual 4 main leads, we have 6. Things would have gotten really boring if it focuses mainly about 4 people. This way, we have more stories to tell to fit the 16 episode bill. I felt that Triple wanted to achieve this, but the mundane story failed to hold up. Despite the meh-ness I felt in the first few episodes, not once did I get bored watching the rest of I Love You. And this is quite an amazing feat for someone who has such a short attention span as me.

What I like about these 6 characters is that they are not flawless angels, but they can appeal to your emotion and sympathy. They are not dictated to behave a certain way and continue to show different sides of themselves. And each character have their own qualities that distinct them from the others. Following that comparison with Triple, to me, this is a huge differing factor between I Love You and Triple. All the 6 main characters of Triple range from irritating to annoying. Save for a few moderately likable ones, the other are just grating my nerves. Not so with I Love You. There are times when I do get annoyed with Byungho being such an ass or Jinhee being a stubborn coward, but at the end of the day, I cheer and root for them.

Also, sometimes in these kinds of drama, you pick your favourites. Some main characters you like, some you prefer to skip. Here, I enjoy each and every character. Never did I have an urge to skip this person or couple’s scenes. I liked them all.


It might also have something to do with the acting. As for Ahn Jaewook and Gong Hyungjin (he’s gonna be in Pursuing Servant!!!! Excited!), no questions asked. They are just awesome. They glide into their characters seemingly effortlessly. Their characters feel natural and true to life. Seo Jihye is super underrated, imo. Her Younghee is very kind, cute, and just beautiful inside out. SJH plays it with such a heart that instead of coming off pretentious or prudish, you just root for her. Jo Miryung and Park Hyeyoung are also great. However, the biggest surprise for me is Hwanhee, most notably known as (almost now) old skool Kpop crooner from Fly to the Sky.

My only exposure to Hwanhee is his brief appearance in We Got Married with Hwayobi. I’ve known about FTTS, but have never heard any of their songs. Only heard that he a)has a strong voice and b)got a nose job (looks a lot better now actually). So I was pleasantly surprised that his acting is definitely not bad at all. Certainly a whole cut above most singer-turned-actors. And he only had one other acting job before, so I was immensely satisfied with his acting in I Love You. He’s got good, solid acting helped with great screen presence.

I Love You is a wonderful drama. It’s lighthearted, but not superficial. It’s lovable, but not boring. This is the kind of drama that you can take your time watching it. It plays more on character and relationship development instead of plot and storylines. It’s not the kind that you rush to see what happens next and have to watch right away. So I think it’s a perfect drama to sneak your rare spare time watching it in the school year. I totally recommend this drama, watching it was such a fun ride.

And if you can’t tell, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stills. They are so so cute.


2PM’s Myspace Scandal


For the record, I am not a fan of 2PM, heck, I don’t even know 2PM members (other than Nickhun because he’s so adorable) or their songs (I’ve heard snippets of Again and Again but that’s about it). I am not familiar at all with the group. I know they’re very popular these days, but I never really hopped the bandwagon anyway. It’s only recently that I learned about the whole Myspace scandal of Jaebum, 2PM’s leader, that 2PM caught my attention. Even then, I wasn’t all that interested, but after a few developments, things have really started to heat up.

Starting from him getting kicked out from MBC’s show Nodaji, activities getting canceled, the thousand media coverage about this issue, and the latest and the one that I couldn’t believe my eyes: a suicide petition. Wow, seriously.

For me, just like the Joo Jihoon case, I don’t quite grasp the necessity of such intense reactions to this ‘scandal’ or to be exact: a few *frustrated* Myspace comments made 4 years ago by a barely legal kid.

I actually youtube-d Jaebum just to see what this person is like. Obviously, he’s of Korean heritage, but he’s definitely American/Westerner through and through. At least that’s what his mannerisms seemed to convey. An interesting thing is that he came to Korea from America 4 years ago. Not only was he not able to connect to many people due to language barrier, he also had a hard time adjusting to the culture as well, having used to the more laid back Western culture. Plus, dude was probably homesick too. I know this because I was homesick, I AM still homesick, after 3 years living away from home.

Also, 2PM only got popular around last year, I believe. Which means that the pre-debut training, that is rumoured to be super exhausting and not unlike military training, lasted for a good couple of years. This was a period where a debut might happen, but it could also fall through. To my knowledge, trainees for these management companies are not guaranteed to actually debut well, let alone shoot to stardom. In Park Jaebum’s case, for all he knew, he probably didn’t think he would get hugely popular and have his Myspace comments from a long time dug out just to prove that he’s human, capable of cursing and talking shit.

I’m not condoning racist talk at all, but this is obviously just a manufactured scandal,  built up out of hate.

On another note, I’ve been hearing people saying how hot Jaebum is. Then I saw a picture of him and I was like ‘Huh?’. Don’t quite see it.

EDITED: Apparently, while I was sleeping, Jaebum quit and left Korea. It’s sad to think that he left over something silly like this. Well, let’s hope this is nothing more than a temporary absence and some sort of shock factor strategy planned by JYP. I’m sure the majority of 2PM fans would be rallying for him to come back.