New Crush: Wang Seokhyun


Isn’t he SO CUTE???

Wang Seokhyun shot to stardom after playing Hwang Kidong, Cha Taehyun’s adorable grandson, in the movie Speedy Scandal. The movie went on to become one of the highest grossing Korean movies of 2009. He was just 6 years old then. Now, he’s probably one of the most popular child actors around. He’s doing CFs, a drama (Lady Castle), variety show (KBS Invicible Saturday), heck he even had a song called I Love You (Noona). Gosh, such a young age with a lot of achievement.

I enjoyed Speedy Scandal a lot and one of the reasons is Wang Seokhyun. He didn’t have many lines in the movie, but just the sight of him playing games, walking to the bathroom, and eating gets me into fits of giggles. Right now, he is playing Kang Sumin, the baby chaebol cousin of Yoon Eunhye’s Kang Hyena. Ah oh my gosh, he is one of the highlights of that drama, for sure. His role here is of a no-nonsense young master who is rich and fabulous and is fully aware that he is. It’s funny because some have said that Wang Seokhyun does ‘arrogant rich kid’ better than Yoon Eunhye herself, haha.


I hope that his popularity is something he truly enjoys not just something he is fed to take. Only 7 years old but with a lot of engagements here and there, I wonder if he’s going to school at all. But he’s really a source of joy for me, what an entertaining cutie. Catch Wang Seokhyun in the Wednesday/Thursday drama Lady Castle and in the KBS Invisible Saturday: I Got an Uncle.

And last, this is a swoon (or in his case ‘aww’) worthy video:


One response to “New Crush: Wang Seokhyun

  1. I watched Overspeed Scandal last night.
    Wang Seok Hyun was so adorable in there!

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