Gag of the Day


Here’s something funny: Kim Hyunjoong is leading the race, vying for a Best Actor in Seoul Drama Awards.

OMG.. I literally laughed out loud.

Call me an anti or anything, but for Hyunjoong to win (or even being nominated as) a Best Actor is just..unfathomable. Did these people who voted for him actually SEE him acting in Boys Over Flowers? Because I truly believe that the human minds are inherently smart. If they had seen Hyunjoong in it, they couldn’t have possibly thought he was a good actor, deserving enough to be called a Best Actor. Either than that, or they are just voting for the heck of it. At times like this, it seems that blind devotion rules over all reasons and logic.

To put it shortly, Hyunjoong is a painfully terrible actor. And I am being nice here.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of Hyunjoong, I think he’s a good singer and all the times I watched him in variety shows, I totally loved his 4 Dimensional character. I also appreciate his bluntness, be it in interviews or in shows. I am glad that he’s becoming really popular these days. But an actor, he isn’t. He totally does NOT have an acting gene in his body, and that is one of the reasons why he aces so well in variety shows, because his real characters shine through, without needing to put an act. Sure, with lots and lots and lots of practice, he might become okay in acting, but I truly believe that at this point in time, he sucks at acting, plain and simple.

I saw the recent music video of SS501 with Hyunjoong as a killer (and another one with Kim Joon), and I  cringed until my cheeks hurt. I saw Hyunjoong’s episode in Nonstop 5 and that wasn’t half bad because he didn’t appear much and barely talked. And his acting in BOF did improve over the course of the drama, but in the end, he was still mediocre at best.

To put him up as a Best Actor is just a treason. But more than that, I feel sorry for him, because if he wins, everyone will know that he wins it just because he is popular, not because he wins by merit. On top of that, this will only present him a burden and a pressure for his future (if there ever will be) projects.

Oh well, there goes my rant.


7 responses to “Gag of the Day

  1. BEST ACTOR??!!!! -______-”

    None of the BOF Actors deserve the Best Actor nomination. Yes, even Lee Min Ho, the best among the bunch. This is totally, utterly unbelievable!!

    I’d laugh even if he was nominated for Best New Actor.

    Was Lee Seung Gi or Yoon Sang Hyun nominated? Moon Chae Won?

    • I have no idea if LSG or YSH or MCW is nominated, I just saw that KHJ is nominated from his thread.

      This just means that I’ve lost complete faith in Seoul Drama Awards. What a joke.

      If they want to talk Best Actor, at least look at Hwang Jungmin in Just Looking, Joo Jinmo in Dream, or Cha Seungwon in City Hall. Geez..

  2. Oh well! There goes the rant of an anti!
    You must assume that there are hundred thousand of people out there who don’t know what acting is about, and blindly vote for him.
    No matter what he does, it’s just going to look bad in your eyes. It’s a matter of preference, and maturity.

    • Then can you honestly say he is a Best Actor material?

      • HJL maybe not the best of the best out there, but he’s good to enough to be nominated. The same goes for other actors/actress in that poll.
        I agree with CcLee, there are hundred thousands of others who appreciate his acting and willing to vote for him. It’s impossible for any winner, even the best actor/actress out there, to get the approval of all the viewers, since everybody has his/her own opinion. Good acting is also a matter of opinion and preference. It’s best if one knows how to be considered to other’s opinions.
        After all, there is only one winner. Even if we don’t agree with the result, it’s the choice of majority. You may think that the rest of the world are so wrong…however, the rest of the world also think that you are wrong…blad blad. Too bad! Lol.

      • Sure! There are over million of people think so.

  3. Just like you, I love to watch HyunJoong in variety shows, because his real character is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! But he’s not into acting, I feel sorry for him…

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