Lee Dong Wook: Bye For Now


This one hits rather hard.

Lee Dongwook, one of my (first) Korean crushes, is off to do his military service today. News of his enlistment broke out last week, and he’s fresh out of his last drama Partner and a movie shooting with Lee Yowon (movie isn’t out yet).

Gosh, I just realized that there are SO MANY stars in the military right now. Jae Hee, Chun Jungmyung (who should be out this year?), Gong Yoo (early next year), Lee Jinwook, Eric, Kim Dongwan, Jo Hyunjae, Kim Raewon, Jo Insung, and the names go on.

But Lee Dongwook is just different. Right after My Girl, for a long time, I was following Lee Dongwook religiously. I waited patiently for his movie The Strongest Couple because I couldn’t stomach his horror-thriller Arang. Then, rumours had it that he would star in Bad Couple, but that didn’t work and the role went to Ryu Sooyoung. Again, he was supposed to star in a drama I Love You, but that also busted and the role went to Ahn Jaewook. When early summer last year I heard he was going to do a drama called La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life), my fangirlism had waned, and despite vowing to watch it no matter what, I got turned off by how depressing the drama is. When Partner aired and was so enjoyable, I realized how I excited I was to finally see Lee Dongwook again.

I remembered tuning to every single news, articles, interviews, photoshoot about Lee Dongwook and participating to discussions and spazzes regarding Donghae. Aw man, that was such a long time ago, and we used to have so many ‘evidences’ hahaha..

I’m so going to miss Lee Dongwook. I hope 2 years would go by fast and he will come back better than ever.

Dang, maybe I should finally man up and watch La Dolce Vita.


3 responses to “Lee Dong Wook: Bye For Now

  1. OMO, this one hit me hard too. T.T
    And it hurts even more to see him going off smiling soooo adorably.. cos when he’s smiling hard, we fans are hurting hard. >.<

    And damn, he looks so fine in that crew cut.
    Traces of Tae Jo all gone!

    Anywayz, I'm wishing him all the best too.
    Didn't expect this to happen so fast, but I'm sure 2 years will be over in a blink of an eye and soon we'll see him again!! YAY!

    BBASYA Wookie ya!!

  2. OMG! it was because of my girl and of wookie that i became addicted to kdramas (which was just recently)…oh-why-oh-why do u have to enlist now?!…sadness 😦
    take care oppa!!! come back healthy please! aja! aja!

  3. Guess what plastic surgery again. Lee did it again. How many times he did plastic surgery till his face is out of shape? Why do Koreans k stars like to do plastic surgery?

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