The Best Trip

1N2D - Ep.105 - 090510.avi_000001968

I am on a personal mission. 1 Night 2 Days have had more than 100 episodes for the 2 years it has been broadcasting. Compared to many others, I am a total latecomer to the show. I think it was around March this year that I finally buckled down and watched an episode of 1 Night 2 Days just to see what the fuss was all about. It wasn’t until then that I realized how much I have been missing out.

1 Night 2 Days started out a variety show with the name ‘Are You Ready?’ and the concept was changed into a trip show, along with the name, 12 episodes into it. Legitimately, there have been 106 episodes of 1 Nigth 2 Days and definitely, I have not watched all of them. Even if I watched most of them, I have mostly only watched the episodes that were aired on KBS World, and KBS World used to chuck like 20-30 minutes of the 80-ish minute show to fit their slotted airtime of 60 minutes. So all in all, there are still a lot of stuff to watch.

I’m just on a mission to watch every single episode of 1 Night 2 Days and develop a list of the 10 (or 20) best episodes/trips in regards to whether it a)is funny, b)has amazing/exciting things happening, and c)shows great interaction between the members, the crew, or the guests. The category is not hard for the show and I already have a couple of episodes that I am almost sure will make it into the list.

With episode 119 coming this Sunday, this is pretty much like watching Dae Jang Geum twice!!


2 responses to “The Best Trip

  1. Are u sure you want to do this? I don’t watch every single 1N2D episode. I can only take so much. hehe.

    Non-related matter, is MFL that controversial of a drama? Is this going to be worth my time? LOL.

    Yay, rumor is that Seung Gi’s album is coming out on Sep 17. Happy fangirl.

    • OMG, yay Sept 17!!
      LOL, let’s just see if it’s going to be Mission Silpae or Mission Seonggong..
      I’m sticking with MFL because of the actors, that’s basically it. It’s pretty fun, but obvious and a little dumb.

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