Shall we gather that Hyunjoong (and Younsaeng for that matter) are into picking up foreign hookers? Or in a more modest term, meeting the ladies (and getting into the cab with them)?

Oh-ho-ho.. has the pretty boy been caught red handed or accused falsely?


8 responses to “Ohhh…ouch!!

  1. Erm… were they hookers for sure? hmmm…

    The narrator was kinda funny I thought.. she was jeering at Young Saeng when he scratched his *lower part* in front of the public…

    She kept referring to the girls as “pretty girls” tho..
    Maybe they knew each other?

    • No, that was just my jab, Jo. The girls are billed as ‘pretty girls from the club’ (from the media side) or ‘elementary school friends’ from SS501’s management side.

      Oh, you understand Canto? Tell me what the narrator was saying?

      • Yeap I understand Canto..

        Here’s basically what the narrator said..

        Caption: SS501 leader night out with girls.

        It’s Korean popular boy group SS501 Leader Kim Hyung Joong.
        Standing in “Lan Kuai Fong” (popular clubbing area in HK) with a Red Bull in his hands?
        Under such heat.
        Waiting for someone?
        Oh so he’s waiting for group member Ho Young Saeng.
        Wah, two cans of Red Bull some more.
        So energizing?
        Where are you both going?
        Ohhh… so you were waiting for pretty ladies.
        It’s damn difficult for you both to catch a cab in a restricted area.
        Got one.
        Let’s move on to your next destination.
        Ewww… scratching yourself in public.
        An idol star some more.
        Hurry up, the 2 pretty ladies are waiting for you.

      • LOL, a very suggestive way to deliver news. Thanks for the trans, Jo.

  2. definitely ouch.

  3. Who would believe in those tabloid news!!! They just blow things up to get people attentions. Poor boys, can’t even have a peaceful nite out with friends. Well, it’s the price of being famous.
    I feel sorry for those friend girls too; being labeled as hookers. Gee!!

  4. definitely ouch…
    i cantbelieve its them..
    butfrom all the thread i read lately regardingthis news..i am feeling pretty”ouch” my self because of what they did…

  5. i think hong kong just made that news to get more ratings..
    didint they get enough by their concert in japan???
    now what are they doing again?????

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