Holy Mother of God


So I came home from grocery and the first thing I saw at AllKpop was: Song Hyekyo and Hyun Bin are apparently dating! Wow. One ridiculously beautiful couple.

I can practically hear the hearts shattering and hopes blowing out of the window, not just from the respective fans, but also, and especially from the BiKyo shippers. FYI, BiKyo is of course, Bi and Song Hyekyo. Finally, this has put an end to the ongoing speculation of whether or not Bi and Song Hyekyo were (are) in a relationship. I gotta say tho that I AM a little…sad that it is now confirmed one of them is taken. I have always been a fan of Full House and BiKyo.

Ever since Full House in 2004, a lot of fans are still loyal to the drama and the onscreen couple. This loyalty is what makes fans speculating about the possibility of Bi and SHK actually being more than coworkers or friends in real life. Their sizzling chemistry could not be denied. However, with no announcement and evidence revealed for 5 years, and now that SHK and HB are indeed dating, I guess it’s farewell BiKyo?

Oh man, I am so going to be sad when Lee Dongwook or Lee Dahae announces that (s)he is dating someone else. DongHae FTW.

Edited: Oh hey, what do you know, there ARE rumours flying around of Lee Dongwook and Kim Hyunjoo, both currently acting in the drama Partner are dating. Ack, they DO look great in the drama, but DongHae??


3 responses to “Holy Mother of God

  1. Seriously, 2009 is romance year or what? Celeb couples coming out, getting married… it’s so freaking rampant huh?

    Anywayz, I care less about the Hyun-Kyo couple. But I admit they’re a match made in heaven (at least in terms of compatibility).. gotta wish them well right? ^^

    And yes, my DongHae dreams crushed. But I do think LDW and KHJ have great chemistry together. If they like each other, no harm…hehehe..

    At least I know LDW and LDH are still good friends. =)

  2. are u sure about Lee Dongwook and Kim Hyunjoo? Oh no, my Wookie! Yeah, at least Seunggi is still single wekekeke.. Btw, I’m currently rewatching Song Hyekyo’s old drama “Hotelier”, it surprises me that somebody uploads this drama on YT

    • Haha, it’s only rumours at this point, Katja. But by the looks of it, LDW is awfully chummy with KHJ tho, haha. Gotta admit, they do look good together, really cute.

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