Brilliant Legacy Concludes

Brilliant Legacy concludes brilliantly. Pun very much intended.

찬란한유산 (최종회). 2009-0726- HDTV.Xvid.Ental.avi_001822554

The ending is very Brilliant Legacy-esque. It’s done perfectly. Perfect pace, perfect conclusions, with a dash of that Brilliant Legacy magic (gosh, am I being too corny? Allow me for today!) It leaves you wanting more, but it is still a satisfyingly beautiful ending. The loose ends of the story are tied up, but not so tight that it leaves no open room for interpretation.

Take for example, the Seungmi and her mother Seunghee. They have started a new life away from the people they have hurt and deceived, but they are not completely changed either. In the last moments at the end, Seunghee displays a lack of fervor of her new life, but masked so that Seungmi is happy. Ultimately, Seunghee still mourns the money she lost, but her love for her daughter keeps her intact… for now.

Another example is Sunwoo Mom and the Chef/Butler. She finds out that Butler has been having feelings for her, and seemingly reciprocates it, but writer keeps things simple and light and open. We have yet to know if these two seasoned lovebirds will be able to make it.

Every important points are highlighted and shown, but they are also shown in the perfect amount so as to not crowd out the whole episode. Another point of view would probably say that they are done choppily, only showing a little bit of everything and while that may be valid argument, the flow of the episode is actually not compromised. The exquisite touch of virtual scissors from the editing director helps too, but in the end, it’s the believable writing that develops the ending.

찬란한유산 (최종회). 2009-0726- HDTV.Xvid.Ental.avi_003445141

Now that the drama has ended, I can say for sure that Hwan and Eunsung are best when they are working together. Their dynamic comes in full force when they are trying to achieve a mutual goal, achieving sales level of the store, ultimately making Granny happy. I like their dates and everything, but their passion to prove themselves capable is what makes the difference. They race to the top, but they still help each other along the way. That sense of purpose, of getting something they both really want, is why they look the best working together.

I’m not saying that the dates are lacking in chemistry or anything (oh no, chemistry is alllll over the place), but sometimes, I feel that they feel a little…mundane, a little pale  in comparison to how passionate they do their work. Eunsung’s fiery self comes out a lot when working together with Hwan, but in their normal dates, Eunsung is more chill and feminine. The same thing goes with Hwan. He is driven and competitive when working with Eunsung, but again, in his normal date, he’s just…nice. These are not bad things, but I just find it more exciting to see them working together.

I was hoping that even if they had done a time jump to the future, they would show Eunsung and Hwan working together, perhaps co managing of the Soup company?

찬란한유산 (최종회). 2009-0726- HDTV.Xvid.Ental.avi_003767330

One of the things I love the most about this episode is Eunsung taking initiative. This far, while we are fully aware of Eunsung’s feelings, she has not exactly shown much to Hwan. She is a nice girl, but she’s nice to everyone. In the last few episodes, we have seen Eunsung slowly starting to show her heart and mind more clearly. It was Eunsung who asked Hwan on a date. Eunsung hugged Hwan, comforting him after his emotional confession to Granny, initiating her first body contact with Hwan. And this episode, we see Eunsung fully reciprocating Hwan’s feelings.

For one, I’m not sure if this was intended as a symbolism, but instead of Hwan crossing the street to get to Eunsung, it is Eunsung who braves the Seoul busy traffic to get to Hwan, meeting him in the middle. Not only that, she tells him to wait, wait for her as she finishes her culinary studies. Remember how this request was voiced by Hwan first several episodes back. Nice throwback.

Like in the picture above, it is Eunsung who goes up to plant a kiss on Hwan, signaling that duh, of course, she’s into him too. If the kiss on the bridge was Hwan’s, this kiss by the lake is Eunsung’s. She stole it. Eunsung even goes further a notch by whispering her declaration of love to Hwan, again, mimicking Hwan’s admission of feelings early on.  If Hwan was in doubt about what he meant to Eunsung, now he can be sure that he means the world, or at least a lot, to Eunsung.

찬란한유산 (최종회). 2009-0726- HDTV.Xvid.Ental.avi_003801731

The above picture is posted for no other reason than how gorgeous it is. Compare that to this:

찬란한 유산.E21..090704.HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi_003727890

Instead of on a shaky bridge, Hwan and Eunsung are now on solid ground. Instead of being above water, a possible danger, they are by it, danger is passed. Instead of a foggy dawn, it is now a clear day. Instead of Hwan possessively, but lone, clutching Eunsung, Hwan and Eunsung are now in an embrace, arms around each other.

Instead of feelings going one sided, the feelings are now very much mutual.

So long, Brilliant Legacy. A drama I watched since the first day, but never thought it would leave such an impact. After exactly 14 weeks, 3 and a half month of awesome ride and becoming a source of smile, laughter, and tears, I am not without those in bidding you goodbye.

Let’s hope SBS relesases the DVD with decent English subtitles and lots and lots of bonus scenes.


9 responses to “Brilliant Legacy Concludes

  1. wow, you have done such a good summary for this drama. What more shall I say after you? No word at all. You even understood the writer’s intention of the two kisses. I really love this drama a lot. I was supposed to go to work today but took a day off, coz I wanted to see the English subbed of this drama this morning as I wouldn’t be able to do it at work. And now, it’s all over. Oh, not really, coz we can still see the Special programme of this drama in Aug, right! Tks for your detailed interpretation of the drama, good piece of work indeed.

  2. The finale was indeed a brilliant conclusion. Everything was done concisely with touches of briliance. Nothing much nothing less.

    But of course, I had to nit pick!:P

    I didn’t want to post this in the Soompi BL thread because everyone’s like about HwanSung. Didn’t wanna spoil the mood I actually thought it was really weird and awkward seeing Hwan and ES being so chummy and lovey-dovey with each other. It felt rather out of place for me, knowing how they’ve come thru all this while. Maybe because I’ve never got to see anything close to them being chummy in the past 27 episodes and that when I got to see it in the finale, it felt ermm… I don’t know, weird… And when ES uttered the “I Love You” to Hwan, I felt it was teeny weenily overdone. I never felt that much of ES’s love or concern towards Hwan in the drama whereas I felt more from the latter towards the former. If you recall everything that they’ve been thru, there wasn’t much. I thought “I like you” would have suited that scene more.. “Love” just seemed too strong a word.

    But other than that, everything was just great. Even Moon Chae Won displayed her best acting thus far. My favorite scene of the whole episode? Her parting scene with Hwan no doubt. It was a very beautiful scene, with perfection from both MCS and LSG. Their silence in the bus, everything.. it was the perfect conclusion. (LSG and MCW HAVE to work together AGAIN! MUST~)

    I’m glad I’ll be able to see MCW in Lady Castle soon! I KNOW she won’t get the guy, but please let her have Jung Il Woo instead? hehehhe…. she needs to have a guy for once!

    • Thank you! I wasn’t sure how to voice that, but I totally agree with you. It was weird seeing Hwan and ES all smiley and laughing and being couple like because I didn’t think they are there yet, even after 28 episodes. That’s why I feel they are more natural when they are still in the working together/being playful period (ep 13-22?). If they wanted to have HwanSung looking close, they should have them get together, for real you know, both party actually acknowledging it, at least by episode 24, giving them time to get closer, have more awkward dates before moving to a more comfortable phase.

      I Love You was overdone, but I admit, it did get the point across that ES wants to convince Hwan she likes him too. After all, Hwan seems pretty uneasy about her leaving. He keeps noting how he doesn’t seem like he means anything to her and she looks happy to be leaving without him, etc. Even during the Curry lunch, he emphasizes that he’s the one making food for her, basically trying to stabilize his place in her heart. ES’s way of taking initiative is just a wee bit extreme XD..

      The one thing I wanted to see is actually ES calling Hwan by some sort of endearment. Not honey or sweetheart or anything gross, but you know, just something else. She keeps referring to him in conversation by Keujjok, which I believe literally mean ‘That way’. I want something intimate, but not uncharacteristic. Oppa just seems a little…trite.

      Having said that, I still do think that the ending was satisfying, but not overly so, perfectly measured. HwanSung deserve their happy time too, without being clouded by other complications.

      BTW, I would LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE a MCW/JIW pairing. OMG, I hope they throw them together at the end.

  3. Woahh, I’m like so late. Did not know that you put in some thoughts for the BL final episode.

    Yes, I concur – the ending should be Eun Sung’s declaration of like to Hwan and just leave it like that. It’d more in character of Hwan/Eun Sung’s playful relationship. I don’t think they would be ones to openly declare their love for each other, except in times of extreme jealousy. LOL. I was looking forward to the writer using the notes as a way to end the episode. Something along the line of Eun Sung and Hwan reading each other letters after she left. Is that too cheezy for you, hahaha. I just love the notes to bits; somehow it feels right to see the cards as outlets for Hwan’s feelings.

    I admit. Seung Gi is very awkward in his kissing scenes. haha. The two kisses did not leave a lasting impression on me. LOL. I think Seung Gi put too much thought into acting them out; and he failed. Oops, I’m going to be grilled for my comments. He usually is a much better in the more quiet moments as opposed to when he has to express rage and romance. There is an awkwardness in those scenes. Aside from limited acting experience, I think those are the emotions he has not fully experienced as a person so it feels more like he’s acting on less than solid ground. Did I make sense there?

    Anyway, what were awesome in the two kissing scenes from your caps above are the cinematography and ambience. The scenery was beautiful. The overall feeling of the moment was believable yet fantastical enough to keep the feel of the drama.

    The bus scene between Hwan and Seung Mi is thumbs up. When I saw MCW broke into the half-encouraging smile for Hwan, I smile myself. Yeahhhh, tons of chemistry between MCW and Seung Gi. Though I love HHJ, there’s something more special in the way Seung Gi/MCW’s ability to convey emotions with their eyes. More believable and natural I guess. They both have screen presence for sure.

    Erm, I saw the preview to Lady Castle on KBites. Dunno… it was loud. LOL.

    • I got worried too when I watched the preview. It’s a little….over the top. But I’ll just wait until the first 2 episodes roll out. In the meantime, fingers are crossed here.

      I admit to committing the very sinful act of cringing whenever Seunggi gets too emotional because it’s just overacted. As for the kissing scenes, omg, lols, even HHJ said that she thought Seunggi might not have that much experience kissing, gaawddd, that was so embarrassing to watch, haha.. But I say that he’s done really well for someone who doesn’t have a lot of acting experience. He could pull off his lead character well.

  4. lo crita yg jlzz donks q kn jg pngn tw crita.a ……!!! sblum.a q mw mnta maaf cz q dah comment u..

  5. aliciaeflores1

    I’m so glad I found your blog.
    I’ve been looking for Korean dramas with English subtitles, and found this one on Amazon. I wasn’t sure if I should buy it or not, but after this great review I’m definitely going to purchase it. I love how you describe the difference between the two kisses.
    Thank you!

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