Where’s Junjin’s Seoul Concert going to be?

Yonsei fricking University is where it is gonna be.

Where was I supposed to go to school to this fall?

Yonsei fricking University is where I was going to go to.

Did I cancel?

Of course, I cancel!! *wails*

My karma isn’t the good ones, definitely NOT the fricking good ones.

Oh man, my heart literally sunk when I read the news. I was supposed to go on an exchange to Korea, at Yonsei, this September. But then I heard worrying news about the North and decided to cancel, postpone it to next March, see how things go. I had the acceptance letter and everything. Plane ticket is pretty much the only thing that still needed to be done.

What happens now? Nothing more from the north. Minwoo is having a concert. Junjin is having a concert. MC Mong, Lee Seunggi, and Eun Jiwon are going to be out with a new album respectively, thus would probably have a concert and do rounds of promotion. All I can do is simmer and curse at my total bad luck.

Excuse me while I go wallow in the corner.


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