Upcoming Dramas

Several dramas are preparing itself to air sometime soon. Some dramas are going to air as early as two weeks from now, while others have release dates sometime in the fall. These are some upcoming dramas that are in my radar at the moment.

1. Lady Castle/Take Care of the Lady/My Fair Lady


Lady Castle is about a young rich girl so arrogant, so spoilt; basically girl’s personality is far from charming (think Anna Jo from Fantasy Couple). She lost her parents since she was little and she is set to inherit (of course, this is Kdrama after all) her grandfather’s company.

When I first heard of this project headlined by Yoon Eunhye sometime ago, I was just mostly interested. It has been a while since YEH is on TV for a drama, since Coffee Prince, but seeing the summary if the drama, it was just barely piquing my interest. I loved Coffee Prince, but YEH is not someone I totally trust with her acting. I saw Goong and it was painful. I managed to watch the first half hour of The Vineyard Man and didn’t want to come back. The reason I watched CP was for Gong Yoo, my first Korean crush, but YEH proved to be pretty good there, so that was good. But for me, to see a drama JUST for her, no, I’m not there yet.

However, that soon changed. Yoon Sanghyun (Queen of Housewives) was cast, and interest became anticipation. QoH was so much fun and part of it is due to YSH’s Taebong character, who was a total sweetheart with hilarious disposition. It was Jung Ilwoo (Return of Iljimae) being cast that sealed the deal. The casting took me by surprise, but I totally welcomed it. A few days ago, I heard Moon Chae Won (Brilliant Legacy) was also in the drama. And, I just found out a mere five seconds ago that Wang Sukhyun, the cutie from Speedy Scandal, is in the drama! Woohoo! Anticipation turned into pure excitement.

I am going to see this drama no matter what!

2. Iris


Honestly, I never really took this seriously. This kind of drama, in my most humble opinion, is rarely done well in Korean dramas. True, my only references are Air City and Invisible Parachute Agent, but I’m never really drawn to this type of dramas before. Even in the western TV, I only liked Alias, but that was purely because of Michael Vartan (purrrty!). Especially, I am looking at the two ‘outliers’ in the cast, TOP and Kim Taehee.

First off, in the beginning when I heard people bashing KTH for her awful acting, I actually thought they were being too much. Sure, she might not have been the greatest actor, but she’s pretty enough to carry herself with dignity. I stuck to my opinion. That was until I saw Nine Tailed Fox and The Restless. She’s horrible, and that’s to put it lightly. Now, TOP, I have never seen him act before. He’s great rapping and everything, but his acting skills is still questionable.

So with those in mind, I wasn’t planning on waiting for Iris, even when there were better actors in the cast. But yesterday, I went and read some discussions about the drama and only then that it dawned on me. Those two were just the minority!! Lee Byunhun, Jung Joonho, and Kim Seungwoo are big names that actually associate themselves to good acting.

For now, I am interested, but probably won’t commit to watching the drama when it airs in the fall.

3. Dream


Okay, Kimbum? Good. Lee Hoon? Great. Joo Jinmo? Even better. Choi Yeojin? OMG, yay! Son Dambi? WHA???

Son Dambi and Kimbum, I believe were the first people to get cast. Immediately upon seeing SDB’s name on the list, my interest meter crashed to the ground. I like her, her songs are very catchy. She calls herself a singer, yet her singing is just…awful. I don’t even want to know how her acting is.

But then JJM got cast, CYJ (whom I totally totally love) also got casted. My interest meter picked itself up by a tiny bit. Also, I watched Kimbum/SDB in one of those Anycall CFs and they were really cute together. Still tho, I wasn’t planning on watching it, let alone sticking with it. A few days ago, I watched the trailer and I gotta say, the trailer is far more interesting than Style (below). Great music, great narration, choppy cut scenes yes, but oh well, in general, I became more into the drama after watching the preview. There’s just a nice feel to it.

I know that JJM will be able to pull off his character nicely. He’s charismatic to boot, very sexy, and there’s just a powerful vibe in him. Kimbum can overdo his angry/emotional scenes, but he’s pretty good overall. CYJ can do no wrong in my eyes, haha. The question is whether SDB can carry herself enough or will fall completely flat.

At the moment, I’ll definitely catch the first couple of episodes to see if it’s worth sticking to.

4. Style


Kim Hyesoo is pretty much the only one in this project that I have any semblance of like for. I saw a weee bit of Beethoven Virus and Legend and I don’t have much of an opinion about Lee Jia. Ryu Shiwon, the only time I have ever seen him on screen was his guesting in the variety show Infinity Girls with Hwangbo. He seemed great, but I have not heard any good thing about his acting.

Premise-wise, this sounds way too much like Devil Wears Prada, but because someone in Korea actually did wrote a novel veeerrry closely related to Devil Wears Prada, this drama has an excuse in saying that it is an adaptation from a Korean novel, which is not untrue. Anyways, I caught the trailer last week right after the drama Brilliant Legacy, and I can’t say that I am very interested, if at all. The trailer is actually better made than Dream, but it doesn’t have that particular pull, at least not for me. It just looks okay, and dare I say it, shallow.

I might see the first episode out of curiosity, but I’m not holding my breath. If it’s good and I like it, fine. If it turns out to be crap, oh well..

5. Tamna, The Island


Now THIS is different.

The story is about a boy who is about to be tied down in a marriage. In his desperation, he sets off on a Dutch ship to Japan. However, storm hits..

I actually thought it might have been an adaptation from the manga One Piece, perhaps with a Korean twist, seeing as there is a guy in Korean outfit, but apparently this is a completely different manga. I was just wandering around at Soompi and saw the thread, barely any people there, but it just looked so appealing. I am pretty excited about this. It sounds so much fun and just so different from any other dramas around.

The cast is new and fresh and just so…different. For some reason, I get the same vibe from this as from Evasive Inquiry Agency, the 2007 drama with Lee Minki and Yeh Jiwon, but perhaps even more fantastical. Probably there’s a bit of Pirates of the Carribean in it too?? I don’t know, I hope so, haha.

All I know is that I am definitely tuning in for the first few episodes before deciding to continue watching or not.


One response to “Upcoming Dramas

  1. Totally looking forward to Lady Castle and Iris. Dream’s okay..

    Lady Castle for the 2 Yoons and Moon Chae Won ftw! I’m not a fan of Jung Il Woo cos I’ve not seen him act before, but the rest of the cast just spell HIT DRAMA for me. 😛 I’m sure Yoon Eun Hye will do well here. Not a fan of hers, but I think she has massive potential and has improved A LOT from her Goong days. Coffee Prince was enjoyable for me because of her. (Sorry Gong Yoo just does not intrigue me). Yoon Sang Hyun is WONDERFUL and Moon Chae Won’s full of talent… and to top it up, we’ve got the ADORABLE Wang Seok Hyun!! If this drama doesn’t become a HIT, I don’t know which one will be.

    Iris, Lee Byung Hun ALONE does it for me. A charismatic actor who can kill any role, and some more, a HOT assassin here? Need I say anything?

    My hopes raised a bit for Dream when I saw the teaser. Kim Bum and Joo Jin Mo, perfect dream for every single girl/or ahjumma out there. 😛 Don’t know about Son Dam Bi, seems okay in the teaser. The other actress who played Bori in My Precious You’s a good addition too… such a young girl with great potential… Not big on the SoEul thingy going on, so I’m looking forward to her pairing up with Bummie..

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