Proposals Abound!

1. Lee Seunggi, Actor/Singer/Hottie Extraordinaire


“1 Night 2 Day viewers, will you marry me?”

To a loud, resounding YES, from the entire nation and the lucky individuals around the world who get first dibs at his proposal.

HECK YEEAAAAH!! I’ll marry you, Seunggi Oppa!

Anyways, Seunggi has put up his ‘Girlfriend Wanted’ sign, it seems. For the past several episodes, the members have been teasing Seunggi (mostly Jiwon and Mong who finally revealed they were in a relationship) to get a girlfriend as Seunggi is the remaining member without a significant other (that we know of).

Kang Hodong, Kim C, and Lee Sugeun are all married, while the Seop Seop Brothers (Eun Jiwon and MC Mong) have a girlfriend. So the only one left is Seunggi.

Too bad for him, I’m not in Korea…yet. Hohoho. Wait for me, darling Seunggi!

Uhm, okay, that sounded a wee bit scary, kekeke..

2. MC Mong, Actor/Singer/Rapper/Fashionable Monkey


Honey, I’ve got something to say to you. Would you care to listen?”

*the song ‘Will You Marry Me’ come on the speaker*

YEEEESSSSSSS, I’ll feed you banana for the rest of your life Oppa!!

Too bad this proposal is directed toward girlfriend Jo Ahmin, not for the public T____________T

MC Mong announced he had a girlfriend sometime ago. I’m not familiar with the girlfriend in question, but I know she’s also in the entertainment circuit, but I’m not sure if she’s a model or a presenter or an actress. She’s probably a new entertainer. I saw some pictures of her and she’s very pretty.

However, it’s gotta be awkward for Mong, having to do that on screen, especially since they haven’t been dating for too long. Sure, it’s entertainment, but how does JAM feel when she sees that? Kekeke.. Even MC Mong himself felt super shy after, haha..

3. Eun Ji Won, Rapper/Producer/5th Grade Mindset Eun Choding


“Everyone else may say I’m Choding (schoolkid), but only for you, I would like to be a man.”

*Seunggi totally swoons here, lols*

“There’s something I want to say to you. Listen, okay?”

*the song ‘Will You Marry Me’ come on the speaker*

I personally don’t know what’s the deal with Jiwon’s relationship or how far it’s been. Members have been teasing about him getting married, the last couple of episodes and it might just happen. Soon? Who knows. Choding is as unpredictable as the weather here. It’s hard to know whether it’s happening or he’s just simply being quiet to avoid more rumours of the kind.

Jiwon wedding bells? Let’s be on the lookout for it.

Oh by the way, it’s just 1 Night 2 Days episode 114, hehe, it’s not a real proposal or anything.


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