Separation oh Separation

찬란한 유산.E24.090712.HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi_003069433

Brilliant Legacy is ending in 2 weeks… T___T

After 3 months of the drama, we will have to say goodbye to Eunsung and Hwan in just 2 weeks time..


I want to see how things unfold, will the inheritance go to Hwan or to Eunsung? Will Eunsung reunite with her family? Will the scriptwriter finally listen to my prayers and run Evil Stepmother over with a truck? Will Seungmi get a psychiatrist? I want to know how things end and if they end well, but I will be so lost on the first weekend morning after it’s done.

What will I do with my weekend mornings? Sleep? I’ve gotten used to waking up early to watch BL live.

The last time I felt this bad was when the Ssangchu couple, Hwangbo and Kim Hyunjoong, left We Got Married. That was like December last year. It had become a habit to watch We Got Married live at that time and after the couple exited the show, it was really sad to lose one of the things you have gotten used to.

Sigh. I gotta prepare my heart for Brilliant Legacy farewell.

And yes, I am way too absorbed in this freaking drama.


2 responses to “Separation oh Separation

  1. 2 weeks left and this great drama is DONE..I can’t belive it I hope they writters give us a good ending…so far the drama has been awsome…and it really deserves the high ratings is getting…..but like many out there.. what I’m going to watch after it ends….I think I will feel the same way after BBF ended I din’t know what to watch…..

    • Svenus, it seems there are quite a lot of potentially awesome dramas this year. Personally I am anticipating Lady Castle, the drama with Yoon Eun Hye. I’ll probably watch last year’s Painter of The Wind too. I’m also planning to try to catch Job Well Done and Queen Seondeok. Haha, now all I need is extra time every day.

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