Personal Preference or Simply Whining?

Sigh, I wish I wasn’t so narrow minded, but I guess I am.

Last time I bitched about City Hall because there was romanticized cheating in the scenario. I will be honest and even if I said I was going to pick it up again, I still haven’t. I just can’t muster enough energy to go back to episode 16 and watch the remaining, *gasp*, 5 episodes. City Hall was a pretty good drama, it was fun, it was perfectly paced, the acting was good, the characters were interesting. My issues aside, I would probably give it a 7 out of 10. It was a solid drama. I came to like Cha Seungwon through City Hall and even watched some of his early movies. And of course Kim Sunah is still one of my favourite ladies.

But still, it is tough for me to keep watching when I don’t particularly sympathize with the characters, worse, the lead characters. The only characters that are still remotely exciting for me is Min Joohwa, played by Chu Sangmi and Lee Jungdo, played with Lee Hyungchul. Especially, the newer dramas just keep on getting better. Brilliant Legacy continues its reign as my favourite drama at the moment. But more than that, I am also enjoying Partner and He Who Can’t Marry a LOT. Not to mention my reawakened interest in Family Outing and my ongoing love for 1 Night 2 Days. City Hall just falls behind, in terms of priority. Along with know, school.

Alright, so that’s City Hall, but now I am having yet more issues with a drama’s theme, with Triple’s to be exact.

Triple right now is tackling a possible romance between ex siblings with an age gap of 16 years, I believe. So A and B used to be siblings when their parents were married. B always thought of A as her brother, who is 16 years older. However, recently A and B began living together and B (and A too??) began to like her brother in a not so platonic way.

Yes, yes, we can’t help who we fall in love with, but really? It’s got to be your ex sibling? Really?

I am starting to feel like I am this uber narrow minded bitch who can only complain about dramas, something that are not even real. I keep lurking in a discussion thread for Triple and see how people are seemingly just completely cool with this thematic issue.

The director dealt with the issue of homosexuality (well, faux homosexuality anyway) in her last drama, Coffee Prince. But I thought it was wonderful in CP. She was brave enough to tap into that in a mainstream drama and she handled it very well, in fact. It was fantastic, and CP remains one of the greatest drama in recent times. But the fact is that incest, faux or otherwise is a lot harder to swallow.

Like City Hall, Triple is a good drama, a great one in fact. All things aside, I love everything about it. Great music, great ambience, believable actions, everything is perfect. Heck, if I had to rate it, I would most likely give it something along the lines of 9 out of 10. It’s a really good drama. Which is why I find it even sadder how I can’t just breeze along with it.

So right now, I am kinda in a limbo position. I tried to pick up episode 4 again, but even the littlest hint threw me off.

Man, I wish I was cool..

BTW, I watched Bruno yesterday, a whole different leauge of ‘pushing the envelope’ altogether, haha..


2 responses to “Personal Preference or Simply Whining?

  1. You were that far in CH? I thought only the first 2 episodes were slow. I haven’t got the time to check that one out yet despite all the rave @ Dramabeans & Soompi (lol, there’re so many good dramas this year)

    About Triple, I’m assuming A&B were ex-siblings by marriage? As long as they don’t live together for a long time, I’m cool with it. Otherwise it’s kinda creepy falling for the brother/sister whom you share a closed living quarter. You bet I don’t want the BF seeing not-so-fond moments of the daily living (haha….not after walking down the aisle)

    • Oh yeah, the first few episodes were slow. I think it started picking up around episode 4. The drama is actually quite funny too. And there’s that playful dynamic between the male and female leads that are always exciting.

      Nah, Phi, if they think of each other as brothers and sisters even if they don’t live together, still weird for me. I’m not sure if you watch JDramas, but there was this drama called Strawberry on the Shortcake about sibling love, now that, I don’t mind. They knew each other before finding out they were step siblings, but feelings still developed anyway. That didn’t squick me out.

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