Brilliant Legacy: Episode 21

I will let my self control go boohaha today because……..


찬란한 유산.E21..090704.HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi_003745141

I will not even pretend that I still have a shred of self control. Self control, you can go to the corner for today. There simply isn’t space for you!

Oh mother lord, how I anticipated that moment since last week. Nay, since two weeks ago when it was leaked that Hwan and Eunsung will kiss in episode 21, the episode that just aired today. So yesterday, I set up my alarm clock specifically at 5.48am, 12 minutes before Brilliant Legacy aired in Korea and I would watch it live. The amazing this is, even at 5.19, I was up already, haha.

I have to admit that I didn’t pay as much attention on the details of today’s episode because I was too worked up with the anticipation of the kiss and the other cute scenes of Hwan and Eunsung.

But one thing I can say now is that the kiss scene, basically the last few minutes of this episode, is executed amazingly. I’ve had my fair share of snarking and criticizing, but now I will shut my trap because I am fully satisfied with how they construct the kiss scene. The setting is simply breathtaking. Eunsung who can’t sleep, goes out just before dawn, a lot of things are just nagging her mind and conscience. Unbeknownst to Eunsung, Hwan sees her going out as he is lying down outside on the bench. Worried that Eunsung is out without her coat on, Hwan follows her. They walk through this hanging bridge that leads to a path of stairs to a landing of a lighthouse.

찬란한 유산.E21..090704.HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi_003437167 찬란한 유산.E21..090704.HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi_003453850찬란한 유산.E21..090704.HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi_003662525 찬란한 유산.E21..090704.HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi_003467864

I love the blue-ish atmosphere of the dawn. It’s not a coincidence that both Hwan and Eunsung are also wearing blue in this scene. Very very very beautiful.

Lots of symbolisms that even if I’m not too adept, I can still see them. Hwan and Eunsung kiss at dawn, the start of a new day, a new beginning, a new phase in their relationship. But behold, the day may not always be happy and sunny. There may be storm waiting for them. The hanging bridge emphasizes this. How shaky things are between them. The lies, the trusts, all the other people related to them. This is not calm waters. Blue can also mean a lot of stuff. It can mean sadness, a lot of sadness surrounding them, the lost of fathers, brother, step family. It can also mean evil, Evil spirits are hovering above Eunsung and Hwan, spreading lies and they are set to destroy. It is up to them to decide if these evilness will deter them or not.

Eunsung and Hwan wearing the same colour may mean their stylists are working together, but in my opinion, it also means that finally they are on the same page. They have feelings for each other and they are aware of it. I might be looking too much into things, but the fact that Hwan’s blue is a darker shade than Eunsung’s might represent that even if it’s still new for Eunsung, Hwan is already in deep. I don’t like to say that Hwan likes Eunsung more than she does Hwan, but it is merely because Hwan has felt for Eunsung long before Eunsung is even aware of her feelings for Hwan.

Also notice that as Eunsung and Hwan confirm each other’s feelings, the fog clears out, the sun rises up, and we are into a clear day.

찬란한 유산.E21..090704.HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi_003727890

Gosh, I am just still in a daze. I had been anticipating this, so naturally, my expectation sort of rises. But even with such high expectation, I still have no word to express how much I loved the scene.

The kiss (you know you’re so far gone when you actually analyze the whole 3 seconds that that scene appeared in the entire 3812 seconds of the episode) is awkward, but because of that, it’s more moving than if they were like eating each other’s face or something. Things are new, fresh, but they’re also unsure, and it’s not like one kiss will solve all their problems, the anguish and the anger over the fact that they cannot be together just with a flick of finger is actually conveyed. Lee Seunggi and Han Hyojoo did this scene exceptionally well. I guess the awkwardness of having to do this scene translates well on screen.

With that said said, I leave this out. Nobody can get over this kiss. I sincerely hope this is not a one time deal. It doesn’t seem likely that there will be a lot of kisses in the future, but a girl can dream.

찬란한 유산.E21..090704.HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi_003723119


11 responses to “Brilliant Legacy: Episode 21

  1. Brilliant post chinggu. I never really paid attention to the symbolisms used in that particular scene until I read your entry. Very good correlation of their costumes, the setting to the level/stage of Hwan-Sung’s relationship. I’m in awe!!

    To be frank, that kiss wasn’t really HOT or steamy or anything. But what I liked about it was how Hwan said all those words before he went for it. Whoever thought of the 3 lines deserve some really really sound applause. Slick and simple, yet it conveyed everything from Hwan’s trust, concern and love for ES. LSG’s amazing.. I can only say that… I kept replaying the part of him uttering the words, and I nearly cried. Hwan was tearing up, shaking and all… but he still went for it!!! YAHHHHH… how can I love with this Seung Gi???

    • The kiss was definitely pretty modest. What I like is that it’s appropriate to the context. Did you see episode 22? Oh man, when ES pulled away, the split second expression on Hwan’s face was simply heartbreaking. Seunggi is not like the greatest actor or anything, but there are times when his expressions are just beautifully played out, like in the truck scene, I thought this was one of them.

  2. hiyah,

    Finally caught up yesterday, 22 episodes & all! It’s GOOOOOOD! Typical Cinderella story with an arrogant male lead but this one is very well spaced and interesting. I’m really on Junse-Eunsung camp from the start but now jump to HwanSung camp. Really feel bad for JS as he’s a good man and he’s always there to help/protect ES. But then in K-dramas, the 2nd male lead never ends up with the girl anyway.

    My god, I love how you analyzed the sunrise scenes in Ep.21, especially the symbolism of the rocky bridge in relevant to HwanSung relationship. The kiss was not passionate but my heart flutters when Hwannie swoop in for the kiss.

  3. helloooo,

    Love the Anatomy of A Kiss write up here. You are too wrapped up in this drama BTW. haha. Ahem, you maybe missing the most important symbol here – the phallic *gasp* light tower. Note that it is in white (as in innocent virginal first). hehe. Me and my XXX-rated mind. LOL.

    I thought the hanging bridge literally meant that the two are able to finally connect even though there are still so many unresolved problems between them. Thus, the unsteady hanging bridge. There’s a surreal fairy tale feel to the scene with the morning smog, indigo color saturation, the break of dawn, the height of where they are at… ES/Hwan standing on the bridge high in the sky gives off this impression that their love is pure and innocent, high above all other problems that are going on around them.

    To me, blue has always stand for hope. Hope for a new day. For a new love?

    • YESSSSS!!! I wanted to point out the fairy tale feel but couldn’t find the words to explain it. It felt like a dream too that if they suddenly showed Eunsung or Hwan waking up, I would just think the kiss wasn’t real!.

      LMAO, so you mean Hwannie is going to deflower Eunsung?? Oh man, that would be a fun scene to watch, especially the NGs. Awkwardness to the max!

  4. OOOOOOOO……………

    Its really a sweet kiss…….


  5. a sweet kisss………………..

  6. i wanna lee seung gi with han hyo joo be REAL COUPLE, AMIN
    I HOPE my dream come true =) amin


  8. i like this film and i love you

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