Lee Minwoo = Genius


This is some sort of part 2 of ‘Eat My Words’ series, if you will.

I expressed my hesitance in Minwoo’s new album a few weeks ago. I finally listened to his mini album, Minnovation and as usual, he delivered.

Despite my equal love for all Shinhwa members, I do have to admit that Minwoo’s music is just up there compared to the other members. Perhaps it is my own preference, but his albums have consistently been excellent. Ever since trying out solo, Lee Minwoo has been using M as his solo alter ego. Apart from working on his own music, Minwoo has also lend a composing/lyric writing hand to the other singers. He wrote Jewelry that song Baby One More Time that became like one of the most popular kpop songs in 2008. He also wrote for VOS, another band I love, Beautiful Life, which is arguably VOS’s most popular song.

The first album I listened to was his 3rd album, Vol. 3 Explore M and it was just love. I love practically every song in that album. That album is really perfection and I have lost count how many times I have listened to it. If I have to point my favourites, they are probably My Child, Play My Song, The M Style, and Boyfriend, but really, if you ask me, they are all awesome.

With this encouragement, I went back to listen to his 2nd album, IInd Winds. IInd Wind is generally a solid album, catchy songs. But after listening the awesomeness of Explore M, IInd Winds just paled in comparison. To be fair, it’s not a bad album, it’s an ok one. The songs are good, but the songs are kind of similar from one to the other, making it a little flat. I still listen to it, but don’t covet it as much as I do the other albums.


After the 3rd album, he released a mini album, titled The Sentimental Reason. A really different sound, he explored Jazz in this album, so this album strikes me as the most distinctive of all his albums. The title track, Love is such a Beautiful Word, is a slower but catchy song. To me it’s kind of a feel good song even if it’s not breaking any grounds.

His 4th album, M Rizing, is yet another win. I am constantly amazed at Minwoo, how can he continuously churn out all these uber catchy songs?? He might not compose all of them, but his involvement in making the albums is great. In his 1st album, he is involved in making 2 songs, but ever since, he writes or compose the majority of his songs. Again, I have a hard time picking a favourite song because I just love all of them. The title track is Don’t Trust Men, but I gotta say, I think all of the songs in his album can be title tracks. Along with his signature style, Minwoo touched on yet a different colour of music this time around. I heard that this album didn’t do well in Korea and personally I don’t get it. It is an awesome album. Some of my favourites are: Cool Life, Wink Show, Girl, and Honey.

And now, Minnovation, a new mini album. I had my reservation. I didn’t want Minwoo to sacrifice his style to follow the current electopop trend of people like 10 years younger than him. He’s a sophisticated guy and he should embrace that. (This kinda relates to how Junjin dresses himself for the promotions of Fascination, the album is fine, but the K-Fed style just don’t sit with me right.) I didn’t like the artwork for Minnovation at all, but knowing Minwoo as the music genius, I was still anticipating his new mini album.

I’m relieved to say that Minwoo proved me wrong. It’s an excellent album that I feel bad it’s only a mini album. The album consists of 4 new songs and 2 remixes of his previous songs. Minnovation, the title track, is hella catchy. I do think there’s a little of that electronic, but in the hands of Minwoo, he totally makes it his own. Love Me Ice Cream kinda gives me the feeling of going back to his earlier works, an nice song, nothing special, but okay nonetheless. Summer Time is another favourite of mine. On My Way Home is SUCH a relaxing song, it’s reflective and it just makes me emotionally sad, for some reason.

Bottom line is, Lee Minwoo can do anything yet his music will always be of quality. That’s for sure. He might have ‘scandal’ relationships (what with the whole Amy, Shinae, and Seo Jiyoung), but no one can deny that this guy is a music genius. He’s a superb performer and musician and for that I will always respect him.

minwoo3*Gotta love the shrimp eyes!*


4 responses to “Lee Minwoo = Genius

  1. Great post! 🙂
    I agree, Minu is awesome as a musician, and as a songwriter, even choreographer.
    I haven’t got the chance to listen to his newest album yet, but after reading your post, I feel the urge to listen to it right away lol.

    • Wow, ay_link thanks for visiting, I’m a frequent visitor of your blog. Yes, go listen to it, Minwoo only gets better with age!

  2. I can’t agree with you more!! It’s Explore M that got me into minwoo.. I was SO HOOKED TO IT. I could listen to it ALL DAY LONG. I was just a huge minwoo fan then.. Minwoo totally turned me into a HUGE shinhwa fan after that… though he’s not my favourite member now, he’s the member whom i respect the most as a musician. Simply amazing.. it’s just a pity that most ppl are just after young idol groups..

    • I know, young idol groups seem to be the rage these days. Whenever I hear my friends getting into Kpop, it’s either SNSD, Big Bang, DBSK, or Suju. My favourite has moved on from Explore M to M Rizing now, but Explore M was the very first album that got me into Minbong. Anyways, I really hope that Minnovation will be a success.

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