I’ll Eat My Words


I am trying really hard to exercise some self control in posting too much Lee Seunggi/Brilliant Legacy related.

Alas, I need to do this.

I’ll gladly eat my words. I retract what I said about not liking Lee Seunggi’s music.

Yesterday, I sit myself through the longest Lee Seunggi playlist I could find down at Imeem (here) and I realized that I came to a conclusion way too fast. While I stand by my opinion that I am not into his purely ballad songs, I have come to know that Ballad is not ALL Lee Seunggi is about. In fact, he has considerable amount of songs which have a more rock-ish/pop rock sound.

It turned out that I was mostly exposed to his remake albums which consist of perhaps 90% ballad songs, plus some of the title tracks from his actual albums, which are curiously also ballad. Therefore, upon listening his 3 full albums, I got confused. He’s got lotsa rock, why are his title tracks consistently ballad? Is this his way to establish his image as a balladeer? Well, I don’t know.

For the record, his songs are so awesome I’ve been listening to them pretty much nonstop since yesterday.

Here are some smokin’ hot performances:

credit: bedifferent2


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