Junjin on his Relationship

credit: hwanyobiwgmfan

Thanks to JJ/LSY’s thread at Soompi, I am keeping abreast of JJ/LSY couple. Anyways,  this is the first time I see Junjin after he admitted his relationship. He had been in China, touring for his last concert before military service when the news broke out that he and his ex onscreen wife, Lee Siyoung are together for real.

Last week after receiving the news, I was ecstatic. But after reading a comment about this relationship possibly being a publicity stunt, I began to have my doubts, especially because to my knowledge, Junjin is pretty strict on his private relationship, especially the romantic kind. He was rumoured to have been seeing actress Jung Ryeowon and singer Shim Eunjin, but he never admitted it even when most fans already know about it. JJ had told stories about his previous girlfriends, but most of the time, it was in the context of past tense. I don’t think he ever comes out rightly and say that he has a girlfriend. He tends to ‘I had a girlfriend who…’ or ‘My ex was…’

So I do admit that it does seem strange for JJ to be admitting this relationship so openly, so publicly. His camp even said something about holding a press con at one point but then decided to opt out of it.

One of my thoughts is that he might actually be heading to a more serious phase of the relationship. Dare I say it, to marriage. And going public is one way to ease the public and fans in on his relationship.

After seeing the video, I gotta say that publicity stunt or not, I don’t care. Junjin looks great. He looks healthy and notice how he says I’m Happy like 3 times in the interview, haha. He is positively glowing and is just so giddy. His vibe is just different.

BTW, this is his expression after saying the name ‘Lee Siyoung’. Too cute!



2 responses to “Junjin on his Relationship

  1. may i know the link to their soompi forum? i am also an avid fan of this couple. thanks. 😀

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