Newly Aired Dramas!

Finally I’ve found the time to watch all 3 new dramas I was anticipating: Triple, He Who Can’t Get Married, and Partner. This leaves Queen Seondeok, but heck, I am all tied up here. I am contemplating whether I should drop City Hall. It kinda just loses the fun and the charm for me. But anyways, I’m not to talk about City Hall now. New dramaassss yayness!

Here are my first impressions, from watching the first few episodes.


Triple stars well, triple heartthrobs, Lee Jungjae, Lee Seonkyun, and Yoon Kyesang as 3buddies living together, all working in the same advertising agency. And Triple revolves around their lives as they find new loves, romantic in the case of two, platonic in the case of one. Lee Hana is the object of YKS’s affection, and is coincidentally the woman scorned by LJJ. Min Hyorin is LJJ’s stepsister who moves in with him. And Kim Hee is a long time friend turned friendlier of LSK.

I loved the first 3 episodes. There’s a relaxing vibe to the drama. It’s not because it lacks story development. Far from it. It might be a combination of the direction or music or the well eased acting or the general storyline. Whereas I would say that Brilliant Legacy is a high strung drama with chaotic disposition and fast moving streams (I’m not sure I’m making sense now), Triple is like a smooth sailing boat enjoying the sea wind of the summer. It concerns itself more on revealing each character inside out than with plotlines. They are both dramas that I greatly enjoy, but it is precisely because of the relaxed atmosphere that I am not rushing to watch Triple. I am enjoying it at a slower pace. This is like watching Return of Iljimae (which I desperately need to finish soon!), you watch some, savour it, and watch the next ones later. You’re not running around trying to finish it.

Bottom line is, I am continuing watching!


He Who Can’t Marry is another new drama. Ji Jinhee is this 40 year old genius and successful architect who pretty much knows nothing apart from his work. He’s got no friends, he sucks with women, he’s brusque and borderline rude, and he lives alone, yet he doesn’t particularly mourn it. He likes his situation and is in no hurry to make changes to it. Uhm Junghwa is a bit like the female counterpart. She’s a spinster doctor and have been living and eating alone. But unlike JJH who is unapologetic, UJH is actually insecure about herself. She wants to get married and ends her spinster days. Yoo Ah In and Kim So Eun are like antithesis of the above two. They are young, they are hip, they are easy going, etc. YAI is JJH’s assistant at work while KSE is UJH’s newly acquired friend.

Despite the mixed reviews I read, I actually really really enjoyed the first 2 episodes. It probably helps that I haven’t watched Kekkon Dekinai Otoko, the original Japanese version. Hearsay is that Kekkon is so well made that any drama following that would have it hard to reach such high expectation. Well, as someone who is totally neutral, I say I like HWCM. It’s got comedic chops, and while JJH exaggerates a little, the comedy in general is pretty contained and well executed. I find UJH to be my favourite in this drama. She’s very very natural, but she acts her character really well as she gives depths and new realms to the supposedly drabby doctor. YAI is sooooo CUTE! Apparently he’s 23, but he so looks 18! He and KSE are like playing dresses here. I think it would’ve been fine if they just play their age, college students who are interning.

Definitely continuing watching!


Now, let me express my deap seated affection for Lee Dongwook. OMGAAAAAHHHH!!!! Wookaaaa!

Alright. Partner is about the lives of the lawyers in a medium sized Lee Kim lawfirm. Lee Dongwook is the playboy hotshot troublemaker lawyer who, despite his childish antics, seems to hold a well hid depth. He lives easy lives and likes it that way. Kim Hyunjoo is the single mother ahjumma lawyer who moves to Seoul and to Lee Kim lawfirm in pursuit of her career. Lee Honey is a fellow femme fatale lawyer at Lee Kim and is having an affair with married man Choi Chulho who is coincidentally, LDW’s older brother.

(This is an example of cheating that doesn’t annoy me. It doesn’t pretend to portray this pure and unadulterated love, which is innocent and blah the blah the blah blah. When it doesn’t make pretensions of being good, I totally don’t mind. City Hall, Lovers, Happiness (oh man, Happiness pissed me to hell!), and the likes, annoy me in essence because the writer romanticized cheating into something of a true love. Am I being too narrow minded?? Perhaps.)

Speaking objectively, I am indifferent about episode 1. It was nothing impressive, borderline boring even. It was jokey one minute and suddenly serious the next. It probably is confused about which direction to choose, super serious law drama or lighthearted comedy. But I have to say that the acting is pretty solid. CCH is serious and while I’m craving for his comedy, I am aware that he is playing a straight laced character here. LHN is pretty impressive for a newbie. She’s got a really good vibe about herself and generally carry herself and her character well. LDW playing a funny character is such a breath of fresh air. He is adorable and so totally pinch-able. I’m loving the new character he’s playing. He’s a lot more lively. KHJ’s the best acting so far. Like UJH in HWCM, KHJ is just natural. She’s subtle in her delivery and while this drama doesn’t necessarily require tough acting, KHJ is the total star here.

I am continuing, but threading in carefully.


4 responses to “Newly Aired Dramas!

  1. Haha, where’s Brilliant Legacy? You should have added that drama in…another excuse for you to just rant about Hwan-Sung..=P (the thread in Soompi’s overflowing with Hwan-Sung happiness right now.. and I can’t wait to watch the episode too!)

    Also watching the dramas that you are watching right now. Save for our differences regarding City Hall, I pretty much agree with what you said about the rest.

    2009 is definitely a repeat of year 2007, another great year for K-dramas!

    With Friends already on, Iris coming up soon…gahh, when can I ever EVER have a normal life?

    • Ha! I think I’ve run out of things to say about BL except for regular fangirling and spazzing. I mean, come on! Lee Seunggi is finally smiling and flirting!! Gaawwwddd.

      I don’t think I’ll be watching Friends or Iris, they just don’t appeal to me. I might catch Friends for Hyun Bin, but Iris looks a bit bleh to me.

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  3. yeah-rite!! I do luv 2 watch HWCM…. its superb and I really like the doc…. she really cute and she acts well to!!!! Ive just started watchin’ it and imvery eager to find out the finale….. K-drama ROXX!!!!

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