Good Ol’ Ranting

찬란한 유산.E18.090621..HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi_002613243

Alright, because I am ridiculously addicted to Brilliant Legacy, I will keep on rambling on and on about the drama. There is no particular reason why the cap is that cap. I’m trying to find a good reasoning, because I don’t even like that scene all that much, but simply because err.. Hwan and Eunsung’s bodily contact!! That should be good enough reason.

So, episode 18 rolled around. Fakely Dead Father still cannot find Eunsung. Lost Brother is still yet to be found. Now, I do agree that it’s been going on long enough but really, admittedly, these two stories are perhaps among the biggest ones in the drama. If they are solved, not much else can be shown on screen. Think about it. They are like the root to everything. BL would just be done when these two are done. The war of the inheritance would be moot too because then Eunsung would have no reason to exact her revenge as she will have her brother back, at the added plus of having a father again.

The only thing left is probably Hwan and Eunsung’s romance aka TOW SM’s Wrath and Cries of Betrayal, but where’s the fun in just having that until episode 28? (Or is it 26? Or 24? I still have no idea how long this drama goes till) Because of this issues, I am accepting that these two stories will probably go on longer, perhaps even until a few episodes before the end.

What has been nagging on the back of my mind, however, is not how draggy they are but how…downplayed they seem to be.

찬란한 유산.E18.090621..HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi_002128326

(Again, cap has nothing to do with anything other than how hilarious this scene is)

So anyway, back to topic. I’m mostly speaking about Eunwoo’s story here. Eunwoo’s been lost for most of the duration of the drama. As a viewer, I know he’s okay and in more or less capable hands. He’s not starving on dying. But Eunsung does not know that. For all she knows, EW might be lying beside a dump somewhere, on the verge of death. He might be sexually violated or physically abused, especially since he’s not exactly a normal kid. There are numerous scenarios that would realistically shake ES’s conscience throughout the 16 or so episodes.

But what we’re seeing right now is that ES, god forbid, slowly forgetting that EW is gravely lost. Okay, so maybe forget is not the right word, but the turmoil of losing a brother is being less and less intensely portrayed through ES’s actions, expressions, and thoughts. Perhaps, this too is a strategy to divert our attention from the fact that the EW story is getting long.

Again, I will acknowledge that if they really portray losing EW realistically, we would only be seeing a heroine who can only mope around, slowly going literally insane, and probably does nothing else. So I guess to fully portray it realistically would be a no go since ES needs to be lovable, but not pitiful, emotionally attuned, but not mopey. But still, I think throwing in a few simple scenes of ES continuing to distribute EW fliers, or looking him up online, or heck, just gazing into his picture and recalling a long forgotten memory of him, would have sufficed in convincing me that ES is still driven on seeking EW, not just on planning her revenge toward Evil Mother. It doesn’t need to be something dramatic or full fledged, short and simple is good, but the purpose is just to provide some sort of consistency. That ES is consistent in her love for EW. She’s consistent in looking for him until he is found safe and sound. That she hasn’t forgotten about EW and goes off doing other things.

It is starting to feel like ES is not being a good sister. I mean, she’s got time to cook for Junse and ride a bike with him, but she hasn’t even asked Granny about the progress in the search for her brother. Even as a viewer who pretty much knows Eunsung’s motive, I can’t help but feel she’s not owning up to her sister tag.


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