Lee Seunggi is one of those celebrities I respect more than I fangirl about. Well, fine, the word is along, not more than. I’ve got respect for him as well as fangirliness. Lots of it.

I have seen Lee Seunggi for a couple of years, but only fleetingly and from afar. I watched a little bit of him in some episodes of X-Man. I heard of his ‘scandal’ with Chae Yeon and his penchant for older girls/noonas (tho I think that was more for establishing his image as a noona favourite, plus that helped his debut song too, Because You’re My Woman) and I heard he sang ballads. That was it. Until I came to watch 1 Night 2 Days a few months ago and came to know Lee Seunggi and watched him more closely.

So, Lee Seunggi is a 22 year old singer/actor. His works as a ballad singer has earned him a few successful albums, his early song Because You’re My Girl is undoubtedly still his most popular song. On the acting side, he is currently one of the lead actors in my current obsession, Brilliant Legacy. I just kept thinking what if, what if, what if he didn’t back out of Return of Iljimae?? I mean, I love Jung Ilwoo in that role, but still I can’t help but wondering how different or not different it would’ve been if Seunggi had been Iljimae instead. Tho, to be honest, I don’t think he will fit with Yoon Jinseo because he would look too much like her baby brother.


Anyways, I don’t know much about his discography because I’m not into his type of music. Ballad is just something I cannot grow into, or more appropriately: ballad is something I have grown out of. I do like some of his songs, like Father, Smile Boy, Let’s Go on Vacation, and the newest one Will You Marry Me. You can see that I like the more upbeat songs than his pure pop rock ballad songs. I really tried listening to his albums, and while I do find some stuff enjoyable, I’m not into his music in general. I had to accept that his style is just not for me. Just like I accepted how I would probably never like Shin Hyesung’s solo projects because they are mostly ballad albums. Even if I didn’t like his music, a lot of people do! Because he has a few pretty successful albums and he’s gotten a few awards too throughout his music career.

He debuted in 2004, when he was still 17. With his song, Because You’re My Woman, apparently he started the whole trend of loving noonas, younger guys fanboy over the older girls. Ever since this, he’s been known more or less as a noona favourite that it’s becoming a burden for him. In one of the episodes of 1N2D, he stated that he wished he had younger fans as well, not just the older girls. In another occasion,  he expressed that as he ages, his tastes slowly change from crushing on older girls slowly to younger ones. I think these days, his noona loving image might be waning away but it’s not fully gone yet. In an episode of Brilliant Legacy, they paid tribute to this aspect of Lee Seunggi as his character gets patted in the butt by two eager older ladies.  Hehe, I guess Seunggi would need to do a lot before he can fully get rid of that image.


His stint in 1 Night 2 Days, arguably the most popular show around, helps cementing his status as a popular celebrity. With strings of Commercial offers coming at him, the show makes him hugely famous despite the fact that throughout 2008, he hasn’t had much activities in music or acting. In Summer 2008, he released a single, some sort of OST to 1N2D I guess, filmed a few CFs, and spent the rest with occasional performance and his school. As I was saying, he was supposed to take Return of Iljimae, but he withdrew because of filming conflicts with 1N2D. Effective, in 2008, 1N2D was his only big project. Even so, with that steadily gaining 20% up episodes, his popularity was not going anywhere.

Now school. Seunggi finished his undergraduate study in International Trade and Commerce in 4 years, and I believe he’s doing his graduate school right now, tho I am not sure what field he is studying. Let me reiterate, he finished in 4 years. Heck, even ordinary people can take more than 4 years. Keep in mind that during those 4 years, he released about 3 albums, did dramas (Seven Princess and Nonstop 5), various other TV works, and did performances. But he had time to go to classes and passed the courses. Perhaps being a celebrity, he was given special treatments here and there, but I still think it’s pretty amazing. And looking at his major, it’s not the kind that celebrities usually take like Theatre and Film and stuff like that, this is actually something that requires you reading stuff out of textbooks, articles, etc. On top of graduating on time, he is now pursuing graduate school too. Seriously, the guy’s a marriage material, I’m telling you.

Oh, and he’s in that little known drama called Brilliant Legacy. No, the drama did not just score 36% on its latest episode. It’s just a drama people barely know. The more surprising thing is, Seunggi can actually act, quite well too. He’s got a great screen presence and he’s pretty natural at acting.

Now, let us go over why Lee Seunggi is someone to admire (and marry!). He’s got a pretty successful music career. He’s been in popular dramas with magnificent ratings (heard 7 Princess was a rating monster too). He does well in the education department. He plays a bunch of instruments, duh. He’s got a great voice. He’s not doing the whole drinking/smoking/drugging lifestyle. He’s an okay actor (with lots of room to improve).

In short, dude’s a great catch. If you can bear his near obsession with hair and skin care, you’re good to go. The problem is, catching him is probably near impossible. Whoever grabs this guy will need to share her mirror time and her hairdryer.


6 responses to “Seunggi-yaaahhhh…

  1. What a great recap of Seung Gi’s career.

    Well, I’ve always been a fan of his music. I’ve got all of his albums, and I’ve watched most of his X-man episodes. So yeah, I’ve pretty much been a silent follower of his career ever since he debuted. But Brilliant Legacy totally upped the love and adoration I have for Seung Gi.. plus, it doesn’t help when he’s so damn adorable in 1N2D. Gosh, I just want to pinch his cheeks whenever I see him smile and laugh in the show… he’s such a cutie I can’t resist.. ahhhh…

    Aww..Seung Gi wishes he appeals to young ppl more? NOOOO~~ this nuna here may be 1 year or 2 older than him, but I’m not gonna give him up without a fight!

    And oh btw, I love the first picture!
    Seung Gi and his smiles, damn they’re irresistable..

    • I actually feel I didn’t do his whole career justice. I don’t know much about him. I’m not into his music, so I barely know about his songs and his general style or impacts. I didn’t watch him in Nonstop or 7 princess, thus can’t comment on his acting improvement. So yeah, please correct me if you see any mistakes.

  2. wow…….very well written and spot on too!!!
    two thumbs up 🙂

    I’d like to give my two cents regarding his acting. My first encounter with LSG’s acting is in Shining Inheritance. I have to admit that I hated him in the first 5 episodes. My hatred was so much so that I always abuse the fast forward button whenever he’s on the screen. Only when his character started to fall for the female lead did I find him quite human and cute to boot. The rest as they say, is history. I am now trying to watch all his 1N2D episodes and always swoon whenever he smiles. As I watched him in 1N2D, I realised that the reason I hated him early in Shining Inheritance was probably because he acted out the spoilt/stubborn/snobby character so bloody well! Anyway, I think he’s a pretty good actor and should music fail him, he could always turn to drama!

    • Don’t worry, even I hated him in the first few episodes and I had seen him a lot of times in variety shows, hahaha. Hwan was such an a-hole =D

      You should try watching him in Seven Princess. He’s not as mature in terms of acting, but his character is different than Hwan and he is cute. There are a bunch of his cuts on youtube. I’m trying to catch up with it too, but I only have time to watch his cuts.

  3. nice article, I like it!

    but I can’t stop laughing while read the article,
    because we’re (you & me) so much look a like.
    You’re a fan of 1n2d especially Seunggi, so do I..
    You’re a fan of Shinhwa (if I’m not mistaken), so do I..
    But you don’t like Hyesung’s solo album, neither do I..

    hahaha..nice to know you!

    • Haha, thank you for visiting my blog. It’s nice to know someone thinks like me too. I love all 1N2D member, but I do have a special spot for Seunggi, Kim C, and Jiwon. Whereas in Shinhwa, Eric and Junjin are 2 of my favourite members. I tried listening to Hyesung’s solo albums, and I just had a hard time warming up to them, lols..

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