Junjin/Lee Siyoung: CONFIRMED!!


You will not, WILL NOT, believe how ridiculously giddy I am over this news. Junjin and Lee Siyoung was one of my favourite couples from the ex hit variety show, We Got Married. They were part of the newer generation couples. They started appearing on WGM at the start of the year but then got booted off unceremoniously about 3 months later without even filming any sort of goodbye episodes.

Their stint in WGM was not without controversy. In the beginning, this couple was all about fighting, not the loud kind like Seo Inyoung and Crown J used to have, but this really tense and uncomfortable kind of fight. Siyoung hated how Junjin tend to joke around too much, while Junjin was not happy with how Siyoung’s taste differs so much from the usual girls. For example, Siyoung’s first love is Gundam toys, she was such a laid back person that she would just shoot their segments in sweatshirt instead of getting dolled up like most other females. Their first episode was full of awkward silences, their honeymoon was a total disaster, and people were getting ready to give up.


Slowly, they got better. Siyoung became more accustomed with Junjin’s jokes and Junjin got used to Siyoung’s straight-forward and unconventional manner. They began to have more laughs and more things to talk about. They found out their commonalities. They have such a fiery winning streak, they love competition (reminds you of a certain other couple, huh?), and they will always outdo each other. Heck, they even wrestle each other (so much skinship, that time, haha)!


Their last few appearances were so much fun to watch. Not only they had amazing chemistry together, they also had no qualms about showing their developments. This is not to say that they were showing off, but they just weren’t hiding their relationship for the sake of the camera. If normally, Siyoung would get pissed over Junjin’s constant clowning, she now laughed at his antics and enjoyed the attention instead. Junjin, who used to bug Siyoung about doing the housework, about cooking, and about her beloved Gundam toys, now accepted her ways and became more understanding. In one of their hilarious episodes, Junjin even won her a Gundam stuffed toy from the amusement park arcade. Give and take.

After their stint in WGM, Junjin and Siyoung collaborated. Siyoung lended her voice for one of Junjin’s tracks, Like a Fool, in his newest mini album. She also starred in his Video Clip for Hey Ya. Fans have been speculating because they have been spotted wearing couple golden band and the same white couple cell phone. It’s such a great news that fans have been correct all along.


As a fan of Junjin personally, instead of being all jealous or whatever, I am actually really happy that he’s found someone. It’s such an added plus that this someone is someone I totally adore. Also, I know it sounds pretty corny, but I feel like having a certain privilege because I have observed their beginnings through the show.

This news also gives me unbelievable hope that the show was well, NOT all show. Things like real feelings actually got involved too in the process. For a while now, fans of the Ssangchu couple have been speculating about their relationship outside the show. I’ve been feeling a little out of it these days because the discussions sometimes (okay, ALL TOO OFTEN!) take such a ridiculous turn and it just isn’t fun anymore trying to gauge their clothing or supposed sign to each other and stuff like that because there are just not enough evidence to go through. I’ve been writing fanfictions because it is one way to a)keep the faith alive and b)some sort of painkiller because of the lack of worthy news. But the news that Junjin, Hwangbo’s best friend no less, is actually involved with his WGM partner, makes me hopeful that what we see in the show might just be real.

Who knows, maybe right now Andy and Solbi or Crown J and Seo Inyoung are actually a respective item.

(BTW, isn’t it funny? Junjin is Hwangbo’s best friend, and Hyunjoong and Siyoung were costars from their Boys Over Flowers days. Isn’t it destiny or what?)


2 responses to “Junjin/Lee Siyoung: CONFIRMED!!

  1. hey. do you know where I can watch this from the first episode? thank you very much! means alot.

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