To Which I Say: HA!

Just one day after this post I went down to the City Hall thread to look at the caps of today’s episode, episode 15. City Hall is a Wednesday/Thursday drama so I usually look at the pictures and caps and wait a few days until the videos over ViiKii City Hall have been subbed.












Apparently, Joguk, by Cha Seungwon and Mirae, by Kim Sunah have gone and done the deeds in bed.

There goes my sympathy for Joguk (or Mirae, for that matter). I concur with Ripgal’s comment who says that the writer has a tendency to show that love can happen in any kind of circumstances, without regard of who, where, when and how it comes about. Yes, it’s all good, but it doesn’t change the fact that cheating is just isn’t earning any good point in my books.

Keep in mind that Gohae, Joguk’s fiancee, has done NOTHING so far to deserve this treatment. People comment that because her and Joguk’s engagement are mostly business that it’s okay, but in earlier episodes, we see Joguk and Gohae behaving kind of like a couple. That line between business of the real thing has been blurred, whch makes Joguk’s actions toward Mirae pretty much unjust.


4 responses to “To Which I Say: HA!

  1. Hmm I’ve been considering watching this drama after Brilliant Legacy is over…I’m unsure if I will enjoy this cheating scenario though.

    • Carlos, I think I’m just the one being overly sensitive about it. It’s not that big of an issue in the drama itself. The drama focuses more on Korean bureaucratic system, the elections, and the relationships affected by politics. It’s an okay drama, acting is solid since the actors are more senior. This is just a small thing that kinda turns me off a bit.

    • babieeweirdoo

      it’s the greatest drama ever. you musttt watch city hall. it’s full of laughter and heartaches esp. episodes 8-20 and 2-4

  2. i prefer joguk with mirae since they can help each other on politics ^_^

    most of korean drama put cheating scenario for the sake of dynamic plot i think,,,

    J’adore “City Hall”

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