Bless This Fandom!

Watch that and tell me that it means nothing!

LOL, this Lettuce fandom is seriously freaking nuts! Just when it feels like I’m ready to board off ship, things like this pop out and hey, I’m looking at the horizon, safe and sound from the deck. WTF!

So anyway, Kairu from Soompi shared this video and it’s been nonstop spazzing till now, for good reason too. Yes, yes, to other people, eyebrows would go up and a ‘Huh, so what about that?’ would probably be voiced. To the fans, this is like a huge bomb of hint being dropped from the sky of awesomeness by the master of awesomeness himself, Horse Jungmin.

The funny thing is that there are apparently 2 videos floating around, the official one and this one, supposedly the behind the scene. The funnier thing is that you can see things got a weeee bit awkward as soon as Jungmin hums that very very familiar tune. In my opinion, Jungmin probably didn’t look like he realized consciously that he hummed THAT song and did THAT dance, which is even more telling actually. He probably sees that certain someone often enough to naturally humming her song in the company of his band members.

Hyunjoong actually looks at him as soon as his ears catch the familiar tune. Awkwardly he looks elsewhere and pauses before continuing with what he’s supposed to say. LOL. The other members look like they are not sure what to do with that surprising action. Awkwardness to the max, hahaha..

One for the road (god, if you’re in the vicinity, take Bryan Parker as your Accounting instructor because dude’s got lots of funny memorable phrases, lols).



5 responses to “Bless This Fandom!

  1. Oh wow, how funny. LOL. That was awkward, but relly cute. LOL

  2. I am running around my little birdcage and popping open my one bottle of soju left. That was definitely a huge cause to celebrate for us believers!!! Now I can’t wait for the HK Fanmeet. I just might go straight to Jung Min and give him a big kiss. hahahaha!

  3. The thing is..i might not be the only with the idea of kissing the horse. hahaha! then everyone would be surprised and go WTF? hahahaha! I wish my seat would be a good one. I want good pics!!!

  4. I am just catching up the lettuce couple. What was in the video? it would be great if you could describe what the video hinted at

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