Mr. [M]innovation


Lee Minwoo’s new mini album!

I love that photo of him sporting a heck of a six pack (Minwoo might be on the short side, but he makes up for it by possessing the most perfectly sculpted body, in my opinion, the best body in Shinhwa…fine, tie with Eric…Que Sera Sera days). I love that jumping pose, with his arms splayed open and legs slightly crossed. I’ve seen Minwoo doing this kind of pose, but usually, he does this pose in a more joking manner, so it’s usually more cute and funny than sexy. But now that it’s captured in a picture, it’s one great job.

Having said that, I do not care for the multicoloured backdrop. I haven’t heard the album, obviously, but I will be disappointed if he does electronica. I’m fine with Minwoo experimenting and doing different type of music, but if he does electronica, than I would just account for it as following the mass taste. God knows that Big Bang’s done enough electronica, now 2NE1 and the new girlband 4Minute is also sporting similar music, with coincidentally, similar multicolour concept. Junjin’s Hey Ya has a bit of that too.

When I first saw this promotional still, I immediately thought of those younger groups and I don’t like that feeling of Minwoo trying to conform to their taste. I like Minwoo’s music a lot, I have loved all of his albums, the full ones or minis so I have faith in his abilities, but it is disheartening to think that to succeed commercially, he has to sacrifice his sophistication.

I hope I will be proven wrong today, when the song comes out.


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