The Time Traveler’s Wife – Trailer Is OUT!

I promised myself to not post anything other than Korea related, but I cannot help myself with this one. The book is one of my favourite novels of all time and I have been waiting for the movie since for-ever! Ever since Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s company picked it up to make a movie and star in it. But then I guess when their marriage went kaput, so did the movie.

I picked up the book by chance when I was traveling to Kuala Lumpur about 6 years ago. I had already bought probably books that can fill half my luggage bag, but my book allowance was still open. I remember I had about RM 50 and the book cost me about RM45-ish. There was only 1 book on display in front of the store, but upon reading the book synopsis on the back of it, I just knew this book was going to dive into a plastic bag for me to take back to the hotel and pack into my already half full luggage. I did not regret the purchase and I even spurred a friend to go buy it. With this much love for the book, it is inevitable that I have huge expectation for the movie.

Casting wise, the main casts are a total win, in a preliminary judging of course. I love Rachel McAdams like mad, ever since Mean Girls, The Notebook, Red Eye, and The Family Stone. When I heard she was going to be Claire, my heart skipped a beat. I JUST thought she was going to be perfect as Clair. Let’s hope my hunch is right.

Eric Bana, need I say more? Seriously? Can the guy be more awesome? No, he cannot because awesomeness, he owns! Also, one little side note, Ron Livingston as Gomez. EXACTLY how I pictured Gomez would be. I have only seen Livingston from Sex and The City as Jack Berger, but I gotta say, his look is very Gomez-like.


2 responses to “The Time Traveler’s Wife – Trailer Is OUT!

  1. hei,

    Are you by any chance, Malaysian?
    Or living nearby?

    Couldn’t help but ask cos I spotted Kuala Lumpur and “RM”.. hehehe..

    I have this book. I swear to read it every single time I see it lying somewhere, but I just never found the motivation or urge. Never went pass 20 pages… maybe the time transition and stuff confused me and I was sleepy the first time I read it. hmmm..

    Maybe I shud pick it up again

  2. Hey Jo, I used to live in Jakarta, so KL used to be a vacation destination during term breaks, hehe, I was all about Nasi Kandar and Vincci.

    You definitely have to pick it up again! It might not be your taste, I gotta say. I’m one of those people who love drama genre in novels, the more dramatic the better. Plus this book inherently centers around love and relationship without getting being too romance novel-ish. So this book fits right at home. Still tho, try it out!

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