Am I Being Culturally Insensitive?


Joo Jihoo, of Goong fame, was sentenced to 1 year incarceration for doing drugs.

Now, am I the only one being culturally insensitive or this whole drug scandal is just too much? Even Javabeans from Dramabeans thought 1 year was an easy punishment. To me, 1 year in prison (the stress is on prison, here) is a harsh punishment for doing drugs. Keep in mind that the drugs JJH took was not even in the caliber of Heroin or Cocaine. It was just Ecstacy (here is more info on Ecstacy). I know I should not underestimate drugs of any kind and put a ‘just’ before it, but I seriously think people are making too big a deal out of it.

To make a comparison, what about people like Lindsay Lohan or Pete Doherty or Amy Winehouse, who have dabbled in bigger drugs and are or were at some point, practically cokeheads? Perhaps Hollywood and the western world are more forgiving due to the fact drug abuse are abundant? It’s the culture! That’s what people would say, and if we go back to ‘because that’s how they do things over there’ argument, true, we can only shut up.

But now, what about shady conducts in entertainment? Possible prostitution among Korean Entertainment Industry’s Big Bosses and new debutantes that led to the suicide of Jang Jayeon remains untouched until today. I’m sure everyone is pretty familiar with the Jang Jayeon scandal, but here’s a rundown. Jang Jayeon was a new actress, most notably from Boys Over Flowers. She committed suicide. Later, her manager told the media that one contributing factor was because she was physically and mentally abused, raped and beaten, by top execs at various entertainment media. Rumour has it that she had this ‘little black book’ containing the names of those who used her. But the case was closed, no names were revealed, and all was well again in the toxic industry.

What about that netizen’s horrible slanders that made Choi Jinshil hang herself? Choi Jinshil, a top (perhaps THE top) and respectable actress, who finally gave up her life because of that person kept terrorizing her with spiteful messages and phonecalls? It was the death that shocked everyone to the core and shook all her closest friends. I haven’t heard anything about her being punished for taking someone else’s life.

These kind of crimes are actually responsible in snatching someone else’s life. I feel sometimes that Korea has it backwards. Crimes like adultery and drugs are responded fantastically, yet those other kind of crimes that could lead to suicide (heck, even their former president committed suicide, that should say A LOT about a nation) continues to be swept under the carpet, or if not, completely ignored.

No, I honestly don’t get it. Tell me it’s cultural, I will shut up, but no, I will not understand.

Excuse me while I bask in the hotness that is Joo Jihoon. I will take my time, since we probably won’t see him in a while, if ever.



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