Brilliant Legacy…So Far

Yes, the drama is cheesy. Yes, the acting isn’t exactly stellar. Yes, the theme is too cliched.

I couldn’t give a rat’s ass. I love this drama. I may criticize and snark, but inherently, this is one of my current favourite dramas.


Eunsung is a perfect girl, so kind, so respectful, so patient. Basically, she doesn’t really exist in real life. Hwan is an a-hole, so rude, so disrespectful, so mean. But dude is rich, so for the most part, people forgive his manner retardation. Both Eunsung and Hwan come from rich family, the difference is that one is hugely spoiled, and one is not. Eunsung and Hwan live together (NO! Not under one of those marriage contract crap!). Eunsung and Hwan know a lot of same people (it’s K-drama after all). Eunsung and Hwan hate each other. And if it’s not clear by now, Eunsung and Hwan will fall in love…with each other *crosses fingers*.

I have to admit that the drama pretty much had me at hello. Way before the drama aired, a few stills made their way online and upon looking at our couple, Lee Seungki and Han Hyojoo, I just knew it, felt it in my blood, that I would watch this drama, whatever it takes. I pledged my heart to it and promised myself that unless the drama descends into total shittiness, I would sit through whatever they put me through. Rather stupid like that.

The first 30 minutes, I was apprehensive. It was not an immediate home run. The 1st episode was just so so, it even veered toward bore-ville. But I was not to be discouraged so easily. Well, in a quite predicted turn of events, I was hooked anyway.

Script is not exciting. I usualy watch RAW; I don’t understand Korean much, but by watching raw, you become more focused in line deliverance.  I’m guessing that the dialogues are the kinds that you don’t say in real life. It’s a bit narrative in some ways and I detect a small amount of preaching too. The way the actors say their lines just doesn’t sound real, it looks very obvious that they are saying lines. I don’t know how to describe it, but from my eyes and ears, it sounds fake. Of course, I cannot say for sure given that I don’t speak the language.


Acting is somewhere in the mediocre to good range. Moon Chaewon’s doing well. Her character is slowly becoming the despicable 2nd female lead, but she portrays her inner struggle well. She’s like dipping her toe in the pool of evil, trying it out. Last I heard, she’s shin deep. Han Hyojoo is okay, she’s awkward in scenes where she has to display deeper emotional conflicts. Also, for some reason, her crying scenes don’t evoke very much sympathy out of me. But overall, she’s really likable and cute.

Bae Soobin is dreamy. In all honesty, I loved him a lot in the first few episodes, but these days, I just get the vibe that he’s too smooth and slick, which does not bode with me well. Lee Seungki is okay too, adequate for his character. I was prepared for the worst, so his acting is better than I expected. He’s got flashes of good acting, but he still has some awkward moments. I like his character, Hwan. He’s not inherently mean (I think Goo Junpyo from Boys Over Flowers has a mean bone somewhere, but I don’t think Hwan does, and I think Lee Seungki’s ‘kind’ nature contributes to it a little bit) so his character is very exciting to watch. He’s the one who’s going to undergo a lot of evolution, and so far the progress is going well.

Kim Misook has got to be the gem though. She’s so evil that all I want to do is choke her with lots of jalapeno. She’s really making the drama colourful. She coaxes good acting from her juniors. Her interactions with Moon Chaewon and Han Hyojoo have been pretty awesome. We also have to mention Yeon Junseok as Eunwoo, Eunsung’s autistic little brother. He is SOOOO convincing that I wondered if the actor is actually autistic himself. Gotta say that among the younger cast, he’s got to be the one with the best acting. He’s pretty prevalent in the story, and he’s really pawning his role! He’s just wonderful.


Brilliant Legacy is enjoying sky high ratings, leading the pack with the 3o% range rating, and it’s not even halfway the series! If everything goes well, the story keeps being interesting, nothing goes downhill, I’m sure we can expect it to reach the 40% mark. Whether or not it deserves as high a rating, is up for debate. A lot of people are enranged by the fact that ratings are so high when other better made dramas are suffering in single digit rating. Other expresses their satisfaction that this drama gets awesome ratings because the drama is ‘fast paced’. As for me, I couldn’t care less about it. I’m so glad the ratings are high. But no, to be honest, from quality point of view, no Brilliant Legacy doesn’t deserve it. Just like Boys over Flowers did not.


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