Entry to KPop World

This July would be my third year as a Kpop fan. I’m not exactly a super long time fan or anything, but it’s been almost 3 years since I did become a fan. I just wanted to journey back to the time when I first got into Kpop and all the firsts of Kpop.


My first 3 dramas are still memorable to this day. Full House, my first, remains one of my favourites and one I still regularly look up and watch. Yes, it gets draggy around the middle. Yes, Bi’s fashion in the drama is mind-blowing in its ugliness. The drama’s got lots of boo factors, but it’s still one of the most hilarious, fun, and cutest. Song Hyekyo and Bi went on to become like huge superstars. This drama is a testament of their awesome chemistry together.


My second and third! Goong and My Girl. Goong, I gotta say, lacks in so many aspects. Because the main actors were mostly green actors at the time, the drama was full of bad acting, to say the least. The 24 episodes didn’t help either, it was just way too long, thus the drama had a lot of long winded moments. The saving grace lied in the gorgeous visual and photography and chemistry between the leads. My Girl isn’t perfect either. But at least, the acting was still acceptable. It does drag a bit towards the end, but I think 16 episodes are appropriate. There are many scenes in the drama that are copied (sometimes blantantly) from the PD/Writer’s previous drama, Delightful Girl Choonhyang. But I have to admit that I have a soft spot for MG. I really love the pairing Lee Dongwook/Lee Dahae and even until now I still follow their news occasionally.


My Sassy Girl is my first ever korean movie as I’m sure is the case with a million other people. It’s a hilarious movie to boot yet at the same time, it was melancholic and sad. There’s death (of course!), there’s love, there’s relationship. Even Hollywood took this movie as an inspiration and made an american version out of it, which yes, went straight to DVD, but still.


Look at that adorable face! How can you not fall in love with him? Wait till you see his perfectly sculpted body. My first korean crush is Gong Yoo circa She’s On Duty, way way before his big break in Coffee Prince. I had no clue how to spell his name as I couldn’t read Hanggeul then. So I had to rely on the cover of that one borrowed, pirated DVD and googled him. I began watching more of his projects such as S-Diary, Spy Girl, My Tutor Friend, Biscuit Teacher, and of course Coffee Prince. Heck, I even suffered through a few episodes of the semi-incest drama, One Fine Day (really atrocious drama ) before removing myself out of that misery.

My first korean music, I honestly cannot remember. I was always dabbling in dramas or movies so my musical exposure tend to be from the soundtracks. If the drama has nice music, I would try to look them up, but nothing more than that. I think the first time I took an interest in the singer themselves was either Bi’s 4th album or SG Wannabe’s 3rd album. It wasn’t until a year later when I got into Shinhwa that I began listening to more KPop.

So anyway, those are some of the firsts of my introduction into korean entertainment. As much as people say Full House is overrated or that Kpop are trashy stuff, you gotta admit that these things DO contribute to the increasing popularity of Hallyu. Whether you like it or not.


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