Guilty Pleasure: It’s You!

I am admitting my sin. My very current guilty pleasure is Super Junior’s It’s You (Neorago).

So I was doing my assignment on a beautiful Thursday afternoon when my dearly beloved friend, Ms. S shoved me her Ipod and showed me It’s You video clip. I didn’t intend to like it or anything since I never saw SJ in a particularly favourable light. But I watched it till the end and I loved it. The song has been stuck in my head ever since.


I don’t know SJ well enough to make any sort of judgement actually. The reason I never touched SJ before is because the few perfomances I saw of them were, well, complete crap. But that was sometime ago, I guess. I have to admit that their 3rd album (which yes, sits in my mp3 player) is pretty okay. Sorry Sorry, the song, was very catchy, and the dance moves were actually interesting. Vocal wise, I don’t see anything special. But their songs are very easy listening and fun.

13 members. Let’s see if I can name them one by one. I’ve see Kangin in WGM. Eunhyuk and Leeteuk guested in WGM too. Heechul was the first member I knew from the days of watching Bad Family. Choi Siwon was in that drama with Seo Jihye. I’m loving Yesung right now. I’ve seen Hankyung in Yashimanman. I thought Shindong was really Kang Hodong’s brother. Okay, I’m starting to falter now. Umm, I know Kyuhyun is the magnae. I read that Kim Kibum gained weight. There’s also Sungmin. I thought Lee Donghae was cute in a show. Oh heck, who’s the last member?

Okay, whoever that last member, I’m sorry. His name escapes me at the moment.



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