Fascinating Junjin


Junjin just came out with a new mini album titled Fascination. Likely that this is his last album before going to military service (at the end of this year?). Anyway,  a little background on the release, Junjin has always been somewhat prone to injuries and the period before releasing this album was coloured with a few stories of injuries. Apparently recently he hurt his wrist, ankle, and his toe suffered nerve damage on top of the shoulder he injured early on. Despite these, he carried on his comeback performances, filmed his music video, and his other activities. You know what this guy needs? A whack in the head and an order for bed rest.

Okay, on to the album. There are total 5 tracks: Like A Fool, Hey Ya, Happy Ending, Love Me, and Don’t Love.

Like A Fool featured his WGM  on screen wife Lee Si Young. We got to see her recording this song on the show (before they got unceremoniously kicked out of the stupid show). Their good relationship seems to extend beyond the show. Not only did LSY sing for Like A Fool, she also starred in Junjin’s Hey Ya video clip. This couple, I thought they were really cute on the show, I was so happy to see them working together outside of the show. They fit each other really well. I’d be thrilled if they do turn out to be dating.


I first heard of Like A Fool in WGM and to be honest, I didn’t like it then, it was just so..synthesized. Plus, the song is very poppish, too mundane. I know he has a fantastic vocal, but this song definitely doesn’t do a lot for his singing skills. But for a few days following the show, I couldn’t stop singing the song. It’s an addictive song. Gotta admit, it’s a fun song to sing. Even until now, I still find myself unconsciously humming Do you wanna love love love oneul bam e..

Hey Ya, on the other hand, I immediately loved it. They played the beginning in WGM, and it was such a catchy beat. After acquiring the album (sorry Jin, I can’t buy this one, 20+ bucks for 5 songs?), I cannot stop listening to that song, it just picks my mood up. Son Dam Bi lend her voice for the song as well and I must say I love her part in the song, it was short, but it was a highlight of its own.

At least Junjin can show more his vocal in the other 3 songs, Happy Ending, Love Me, and Don’t Love. The last 2 are straight up ballads, out of the two, I like Love Me much better tho.

If I have to pick my favourite, it’s gotta be Hey Ya, followed by Love Me, Like A Fool, Happy Ending, and Don’t Love. I wish Junjin would perform one of the ballads because I know the live version would be great. Hey Ya live performances have awesome dances, but I wish that he had chosen either Don’t Love or Love Me for the accompanying song to counter awesome routine with wonderful vocal showcase.

Overall, I like this album. I don’t think it’s exceptionally good or anything, but for a mini album, the contents are pretty impressive. It’s got a good mix of songs from high pumping Hey Ya, to an upbeat Like A Fool, to a slower ballad of Love Me. I just wish the price isn’t as expensive (if it had been 10 bucks, I’d have hit that preorder button without thinking), but I guess because it’s a limited edition, it’s valued more that way. I know korean singers have a habit of putting a repackage album, so I’m hoping there would be one, and it wouldn’t be as expensive.


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